Have you noticed that your garage is a dumping ground for unwanted items from inside your home??

I found that with summer in full swing, we have just been tossing things into the garage and say “we will get to it later”. But later just hasn’t come around!

So this weekend, make a plan to take back your garage and clear that clutter!  But how do you organize a garage that will last? I have some easy tips for you!

how to organize a garage


This is step one for any and all organizing projects! But where do you start when it comes to a massive space like the garage?

I say start small. Find one area/shelf and clear it off. Look at each item as you are taking it off the shelf to see if it is expired; if you still use it; if you still want it; etc.

Make a pile of all the items you want to keep and continue with the next shelf or small area. Once you get the hang of this, you can start decluttering as you are clearing the shelf space… it will be like second nature to you!


The shelves are cleared, but you are left with a mess on the floor. So now we sort the garage items into categories. Think categories like:

  • House Maintenance
  • Sports Equipment
  • Gardening Tools
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Repair Supplies
  • Tools
  • Recycling
  • Donation
  • Car Maintenance


After you have grouped all the items into categories, it is time to consolidate. This is just my fancy word for declutter again! Look at the remaining items in that category and ask yourself if you really need it.

Also, you can consolidate your similar items together. Let’s say you have a few boxes of nails. Try consolidating those items into one storage bin to reduce clutter and make it easy to find!


Now it is time to put all the items back in a logical location and put together with similar items! Try to keep a shelf or small area for specific categories. Put all gardening supplies together so you can find them when it is time to weed or water.

If you don’t have sufficient shelving for your garage organization, try adding some based on your needs.

Do you have a lot of holiday decorations in oversized bins? Try finding a high shelving rack to store when not in use.

Are you an avid gardening with lots of gardening equipment? Find shelving or create a workbench that has plenty of space to hold your things.

Love fixing cars? Create storage for all the parts that can easily be accessed.

Keep extension cords wrapped up with a cord reel.

Tame those sports balls by creating a ball holder using bungee cords and an old cabinet (or crate)!

Go Vertical

Since most garages have tons of space on the walls and above the cars, take advantage of that space for your garage organization ideas.

Hang bikes, snow boards, skis, or other off-season sporting equipment from the ceiling. Use wall space for holding ladders and small electrical devices such as the weed wacker.

Limit items on the floor to keep the space looking clean.

While tackling the garage may seem overwhelming, start with a small area and declutter as you empty that space. Group like items together into a category. Whatever doesn’t fit in the garage, find it a new home! Then consolidate and store items. Don’t forget to go vertical with your storage, especially for off-season items.

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