Today marks day 6 of the back to school organization challenge and we are turning our focus to the remaining bedrooms in your house! Yesterday was all about organizing the kids rooms for back to school, so today we are getting the rest of the rooms, like the master bedroom, organized. By keeping your clothes organized, not only will you be able to find things quickly, you will increase your productivity in the morning. Ok, so hear me out, everything in your bedroom is nice and organized so you can find what you are looking for quickly. So in the mornings, you can find your outfit for the day quickly, which means you can find your jewelry quickly, which means you are able to be more productive because you spent less time hunting for things!

First, start with the closets. I wrote a post a while back about organizing a master closet, but I’ll give you some quick bullet-points that sum it up:

How To Organize A Master Bedroom Like A Pro

How To Organize A Master Bedroom Like A Pro

  • Color-Code Your Closet

Seriously it will help with keeping things organized! There are a few ways to color-code your closet. First way is to start with all your white clothes, then go to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray and black. (I put gray in between brown and black to separate the two colors because it can be tricky to tell early in the morning.) I like this way for my clothes, but take it a step further and start with white tank-tops, then t-shirts, then long-sleeves. Then red tank-tops, t-shirts, long-sleeves, etc. This keeps me organized and able to find things quickly.

Another way to organize it to color-code like items. For example, you could color-code all t-shirts together (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, black). Then move to long-sleeve shirts.

Pants can be organized in a few ways as well. I personally like to keep all dress pants together and all jeans together. I color-code all the dress pants and hang them up by shorts, capris then pants. But I have had clients who like all pants together, so we organize them by color, starting with white, khaki, pink, red, green, blue (including jeans), and black. I have yet to see someone who has purple pants hanging in their closet, but if you do, I would put it after your jeans!

  • Hanger Trick

Always start with all of your hangers facing the wrong direction. As you wear your clothes, turn them to face the right direction. At the end of the season or year, you will be able to tell what items in your closet you wear, and what needs to go!

How To Organize A Master Bedroom Like A Pro - Hangers

  • Dry-Cleaning Bag

I always suggest keeping a dry-cleaning bag in your closet. When something gets soiled or needs to be cleaned, you can dump it in there instead of forgetting about it. I keep our bag in plain sight so if it starts to get full, I know I have to take it in. I have had clients hang their bags up on a hanger near their dress clothes as those are the clothes that they bring to the cleaners. This has helped them stay on top of their dry cleaning.

  • Donation Bag

Another recommendation I have if you are getting overwhelmed with what to keep and what to donate, is to just keep a donation bag in your closet that is labeled in BIG letters DONATE! This will help you keep tabs on what is working for you and what needs to go. After I had my second child, I had so many clothes that I loved but wasn’t totally fitting me with my new figure. I gave myself some time and slowly started adding things to the donation bag as I would try them on when I was getting ready. If a shirt was too short, or ripped, or just not flattering any more, I added it to the bag. This is an easy trick to help reduce anxiety over what to keep and what to donate!

How To Organize A Master Bedroom Like A Pro - Jewelry Box Organization

I also shared some info on organizing a jewelry box and drawers a while ago!


Ok, so get to work on getting your bedroom organized! Share your pictures using #organizebacktoschool! Make sure to follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more pictures and tips!

The Organized Mama