So how did you do with organizing shoes to begin our back to school organization challenge?  I ended up ordering shoes for my kiddos online so I wouldn’t have to take them to the store!  I also ended up going through all of my shoes and added some older shoes to the donate box in the garage.  (In case you need a refresher, check out my post from yesterday about organizing shoes.)

Today, we are organizing the mud room and ready for back to school.  I shared a while ago about how I organized our mud room!  Things have stayed relatively organized since then, so I just need to refresh some of the bins we have above the cubbies.

How To Organize A Mudroom

How To Organize A Mudroom

Another option is to create a dumping ground or drop-station near a door in your home.  If you find a specific place you want all the kiddos stuff to go, create a way to make that happen.  By creating a dumping ground, you are keeping your kiddos organized!  I know that sounds so silly, but it’s true!  This space will help them stay organized because everything they will need/have from school should be located in this area of your house.

Think back to last school year, and ask yourself where your kiddos or yourself would drop off backpacks, school items, and any other goodie that might make its way into your house?  Was it near the back door?  In the garage?  Front door?  Kitchen table?  Bedroom?  No idea because they weren’t in school?

Now ask yourself, where would you like all the backpacks, lunch bags, school items, etc. to go?  Is it near the back door?  In the kiddos bedrooms?  Figure out exactly where you want their items to go.

Once you have a plan of where you want the items to go, is this the same space in the house that you had items go last year?  If yes, then create a space for items to go in that same place.  Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

How To Organize A Mud Room - Kids Cubbies

If no, then you need to make a plan and routine set for changing the dumping ground habits!  Start by creating a space where the kids can easily manage to dump their stuff independently.  Make sure hooks are at a height that they can reach.  Make sure all baskets, bins, etc. are easy to get to.  And make sure everything is labeled.  Either pictures, words, or both!  This will help the kiddos organize their stuff without your supervision.  Once the space is created, start using it every time you get home.  This will get you in the habit of redirecting any loose items to that space you created.  For example, if you run out to the store with the kids, plan to have each child carry in a bag from the car.  When they carry that bag in from the car, direct them to dump the bag at their designated dumping space.  Continue to do this every time you enter the house.  By creating this habit now with simple tasks, it will make changing the location for dumping backpacks easier when the school year starts.

Good luck with organizing or creating a mud room or drop space for your kiddos!  Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!  Also, you can get updates directly to your inbox by following along via email!  Happy organizing!