I have been gluten free for the past nine years! Both my kids have gluten sensitivities. So we are accustom to keeping our home (semi) gluten free. Since my husband can eat all the gluten, I have had to set up our kitchen so it is safe for all the family members. But having done this, I have learned some tricks to help keep things streamlined and easy to maintain!

How To Organize Your Kitchen For A Gluten Free Diet

This post is in promotional partnership with Sweet Ali’s Bakery. I was given products in exchange for creating this post. And since we love the bakery, it was a perfect fit!! For more, read my terms of service.

Create Zones

To set up a gluten free kitchen, start by creating zones. Give all gluten free foods designated locations. For example, in our fridge we try to keep all gluten free food on a few shelves that are accessible for the kids. This way they can easily grab food that is ok for them to eat. Our fridge staples are Sweet Ali’s Sandwich Bread and Sweet Ali’s Banana Bread!

In our freezer, I make sure to keep our favorite Sweet Ali’s Ice Cream Sandwiches and Cheesy Roll Dough! Plus, I store my our favorite cinnamon buns in the freezer too!

With snacks, I suggest keeping them together in a drawer or cabinet. You may have to create two pantries if space is limited, but you will easily ensure that food is separate from each other.

organizing plates in a drawer

Color Code

If cross contamination is a concern, try color coding plates, silverware, and cookware. By designated specific colors for gluten free foods and gluten-filled foods, you will make sure everyone says safe!


Finally, label everything!! I have gone as far as labeling shelving in fridges and freezers to ensure that families don’t have to guess if food is gluten free.

Making sure to label all your bins by designating if it is gluten free is extremely helpful too!

I store my Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Flour in an air-tight container with a permanent label I made. That way I only store gluten free flour in that container and things don’t get mixed up!

By making sure that everything is zoned by gluten-free and gluten-filled; color-coding cookware to ensure no cross contamination; and labeling everything, you can easily keep a gluten free kitchen that everyone is safe to eat in!

And don’t forget to check out Sweet Ali’s bakery for some of the most delicious gluten free baked goods!! We have yet to be disappointed whenever we go. Plus I never have to worry about my kids wanting something that has gluten, because the entire bakery is completely gluten free!!

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