I have been helping a lot of clients get ready for back to school by organizing mud rooms, creating homework stations, and finding ways to create space for all the backpacks, shoes, jackets, etc.

For one particular client we decided to use a hanging shoe organizer on the door of her mud room to hold the kids shoes. But one way to enhance the hanging shoe organizer was to add picture labels of each shoe that goes in each holder so the kids were able to independently take shoes out and put shoes away.

To make these picture labels, I was able to use supplies from this month’s Xyron Design Team challenge! I used Swingline Paper Trimmer and Stapler with my Xyron Creative Station, which I was given in promotional partnership for the Design Team.

how to organize kids shoes using a hanging shoe organizer

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how to organize shoes


1. Take pictures of all shoes and print them out.

2. Cut out each picture of the shoes.

DIY shoes organizing

3. Run pictures of shoes through the Xyron Creative Station with permanent adhesive refill.

4. Adhere pictures to cardstock leaving space around the picture.

xyron creative station

5. Cut out the cardstock and pictures using the Swingline Paper Trimmer.

6. Run the pictures through the Xyron Creative Station with laminate refill.

7. Cut out the laminated pictures.

8. Using the Swingline Stapler, staple the laminated pictures onto the hanging shoe organizer.

9. Teach the kiddos how to find the shoes and how to put them away based on where the pictures are.

how to organize shoes

By creating pictures of the shoes, you are able to create an easy-to-follow organizational system for the kids. They are able to independently get shoes and put them away based on the pictures you took and how they are attached to the hanging shoe organizer!

But, before you go off an create these for all your shoes, make sure you edit your shoe collection so you are only keeping the ones you love!

For more shoe organizing tips, check out this post on the best ways to organize shoes!