When it comes to kids’ stuffed animals, they can seem like they multiply overnight! How does one child collect so many plush toys?? I will never know!!

I have seen this dilemma in many clients houses as well… what do you do with all the stuffed animals??

Well I have a few solutions that can help you organize stuffed animals throughout your home!

how to organize stuffed animals

But, before you start shoving all the stuffed animals away, make sure you go through each and every stuffed animal to make sure it is worth keeping. Once you have gone through them all, then look into storage options. Because the more stuffed animals you keep, the more you have to store!

how to organize stuffed animals piles

Bean Bag

When it comes to fluffy stuffed animals, they can get rather difficult to contain. So I like to use storage in a bean bag chair, just like this one from Creative QT!

Not only is it great storage, but it adds extra seating to any play space around your home!

how to organize stuffed animals bean bag

I recommend only using the fluffy stuffed animals to put in this bean bag so the chair is comfy for anyone to lay on.

Don’t have any extra floor space? This bean bag has a handle that is perfect for hanging on a wall to keep all the stuffed animals contained and can be used for seating when needed!

handle bean bag organize stuffed animals

Play Baby Crib

I like to keep dolls with hard heads in something more contained than the bean bag. So I recommend putting the babies in either a play crib or an old bassinet.  I have created baby play areas and the kids totally understand where to put everything because they like to keep like items together, such as all the babies with the baby clothes, food, cribs, etc.

So round up all the stuffed animals from around your home, get rid of the unwanted ones, and store in a bean bag and play baby crib!

stuffed animal bean bag with chair organize stuffed animals

Disclaimer: I was given product to review for this post. All opinions and ideas are my own. I only share products I would recommend to my organizing clients, so you know they are good ones!