Today for the Back To School Organizing Challenge, we are tackling the basement.  Now, if your basement is anything like mine, it’s a dumping ground for all the unwanted things we have no place for anywhere else in our house.  I try to make it look nice, but things make their way to the basement that weren’t suppose to be there.  Then those things start to pile up, and we are left with another dumping ground again.

I shared a while ago how we created another guest bedroom in our basement by installing a Murphy bed.  That is a perfect solution for when my parents come to visit.  But every time they visit, we have to clear our some space for them because of all the junk we let sit in the basement.  There has to be a better way to organize the basement so we have space for toys, guests, and actually being able to play downstairs.

How To Organize Your Basement - Bed

How To Organize Your Basement – Bed

To start the process, I created a pile of all the items that were taking up space and weren’t functional.  Then I sorted all of those items into a donate pile, keep pile, and trash pile.  I moved the trash pile to the garbage, the donate pile to the garage, and started to organize the keep pile.

Our main problem is that we aren’t utilizing our storage spaces like we should.  They get filled up with junk that we never sort through and then it keeps piling on top of each other.  There has to be a better way to get this organized.

How To Organize Your Basement - Vinyl Decal Label Bin

How To Organize Your Basement – Vinyl Decal Label Bin

I started with the bookshelves.  We have a lot of space behind the bookshelves that wasn’t being used because it’s not the easiest to see.  But, we have a lot of home decorating items that I don’t always use, so behind the toys would be a perfect place for them to be stored.  I will know that they are there, but no one else needs to see them.

How To Organize Your Basement - Bins

How To Organize Your Basement – Bins

A very long time ago, I shared how I organized my junk closet, or “Monica closet”, if you like the TV show Friends.  By keeping this space organized with bins, we are able to keep the junk down on how things are stored.  Each family member has their own bin.  In that bin, each family member can put important things to be stored, like first shoes.  This way, each person has their own space for special items.

How To Organize Your Basement - Couch Basement

How To Organize Your Basement – Couch Basement

Finally, I did a little decorating because the space was organized, so I thought it needed to look pretty too!  Now it’s your turn to organize your basements!  Share your progress on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+  using the #organizeback2school.

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