The big turkey day is quickly approaching! Anyone ready to eat too much turkey and potatoes??  And who is hosting??

We aren’t hosting this year, but I am pulling all my knowledge/experience for the past few years when we did host to share how to organize your Thanksgiving feast!

Learn how to organize your Thanksgiving feast from a professional orgnaizer and productivity specalist! She shares her tips for staying on top of it! #thanksgiving

How To Organize Your Thanksgiving Feast


1. Create Decor

Add some handmade pieces to your Thanksgiving feast. I love creating original pieces to add around our home for the holiday.

One easy Thanksgiving wall art is using leaves to create wall decor. I created a tutorial over at Giggles Galore!! Head over to see how to create the entire piece!

I also created a “thankful” banner using burlap. You can find the entire tutorial here!

learn how to organize your thanksgiving feast with a breakdown from a professional organizer. She breaks down how to set up your meal and when to start planning! #thanksgiving

2. Plan ahead

Grab your pen and paper and write down everything you need to do before Thanksgiving. I always include a last minute trip to the store for anything you may have missed! It is very helpful to add that since there is always something you are running out for, so why not plan for it?!?!

3. Set Schedule

A few days before, create a schedule for how you are going to organize your day. Figure out how long each item takes to cook and plan backwards.

So if the turkey takes 4-6 hours and you want to eat around 5, I would start cooking 10 or 11 to make sure it is all prepped.

Add character to your Thanksgiving table with these inexpensive Thanksgiving decor ideas! Use repositionable stickers for a handwritten menu and more! #thanksgiving #decor

4. Do Prep Ahead

And speaking of prep, do as much food prep as you can the day before. My husband always cuts up the food and leaves them in Tupperware so he doesn’t have to waste time on Thanksgiving to chop things. This also helps with dishes because all the prep stuff is cleaned the night before!

Also try to set up as much as you can beforehand. I use Post-It notes and set inside each dish I plan to use for the Thanksgiving meal. And I set up the table the night before.

And I created a menu for Thanksgiving so everyone knew what was on the table! Here’s my easy tutorial for creating it!

5. Enjoy Yourself

This holiday is all about giving thanks, so enjoy yourself and all the hard work you have done to organize your Thanksgiving feast!

Wishing you all a lovely holiday with family and friends!!  I am forever grateful for you taking the time to read, comment, follow, etc. I truly appreciate you and your consistent support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!