Can you believe that holiday travel will be happening soon??  In three short weeks, we will be traveling home for Thanksgiving.  I’m still in shock that it’s November.  But, with the holidays approaching quicker than I’d like, that means holiday travel.  And with holiday travel, comes packing for all the events.  It can seem incredibly stressful, but I’m here to help you with some of my tips for keeping you organized while traveling and packing by sharing how to pack jewelry for traveling!

I always suggest when packing for any trip that you plan out your outfits before you even start to pack anything.  I typically lay out every outfit, which includes shoes and jewelry, on the bed so I can see what I have.  I always try to create more outfits with fewer pieces of clothing.  For example, I might create two outfits from an adorable top, by pairing it with jeans and a skirt.  This way I am packing fewer items in my suitcase.  But when doing this, I always suggest to plan out your accessories as well.  I have my go-to travel jewelry pieces that I know go with everything.  They include pearls, which I always love to wear!

How To Pack Jewelry For Travel - Bracelet Bag And Earring Box

How To Pack Jewelry For Travel

Once you have your outfits finalized, I suggest rolling everything in your suitcase.  This creates much more room, and, if rolled correctly, will cut the amount of wrinkles!  Seriously, it works!  If you have a dressy top, roll it in a plastic garbage bag or dry cleaner bag to cut the amount of wrinkles by removing all the air while you roll.  I shared some of my packing tips here for packing for a flight with a baby. I always roll my clothes and put my bigger, bulkier rolled clothes on the bottom, with my smaller rolled clothes on the top.  I put my socks and undergarments in a mesh washing bag.  I try to only bring one color (brown or black) so I don’t have to pack too many colored shoes.  I also suggest rolling your jewelry so it doesn’t get all tangled up!

How To Pack Jewelry For Travel - Rolling Jewelry Step 1

To start, take a clean washcloth and lay it flat.  Space out your jewelry you don’t want to get tangled together.  I like to do all of my bracelets in one washcloth and necklaces in another.

Then roll the washcloth making sure that none of the jewelry items touch each other.  Leave enough space so that each bracelet or necklace get wrapped fully.
How To Pack Jewelry For Travel - Rolling Jewelry Step 2
Now you have your jewelry burritos.  I like to put all my jewelry into a make-up bag once it is all rolled up in a washcloth.  I can fit about two jewelry burritos in one of my small make-up bags, which I place in between some of my rolled up clothes in my suitcase.

My earrings and some bracelets just aren’t conducive for rolling.  So I collect small jewelry boxes and bags to use for travel.  I have found different sizes in both boxes and bags, which makes it easy to find the correct size I need for my earrings and some bracelets.  Or I will put some of my bracelets and earrings in the make-up bag with the jewelry burritos.  This way everything can be all together in one bag, instead of having a bunch of bags with jewelry.

How To Pack Jewelry For Travel - Earrings Box

If I am traveling with smaller earrings, I will put them all in one box.  If I am traveling with more dangly earrings, I will either keep them in separate boxes, or put each pair of earrings in their own bag.  This way they won’t tangle up with each other.  I store all the boxes in the make-up bag with my rolled-up jewelry.  Then all of my jewelry is in one place, so when I get to my destination, I can find things easily and quickly!

So my advice for traveling with jewelry is to come prepared!  Make sure to lay out all of your outfits, along with your jewelry, before packing.  Then, as you pack, roll your clothes and jewelry.  The jewelry that doesn’t roll up, place in a jewelry bag or box.  Never store a bunch of jewelry into a jewelry bag or box for risk of tangled jewelry.  Good luck with your holiday travels, and remember to enjoy yourself!

The Organized Mama