Staying organized can be tricky. I mean, you have a life that you want to live, so spending all your time organizing isn’t really high on the priority list, right?! But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn easy ways on how to stay organized. And the best way to do that is by doing a weekly restock and daily reset. Now what does all that entail? I am breaking down how you can do a weekly restock and daily reset to keep you organized for real!

grabbing items inside side by side refrigerator

How To Stay Organized

I have found that when you do a weekly restock and daily reset you are able to stay organized. But what are weekly restocks and daily resets?

A weekly restock is where you go around your home and restock items that are low or out. By doing this weekly, you don’t have to worry about it during the week. I like to do my weekly restock on Sundays.

A daily reset is where you get your house back in order each night. I have called this an end-of-night clean up, but a sweet follower called it a daily reset and I love that term so much more!

four year old sorting clothes in giant clothing pile looking for kids laundry

Weekly Restock

To do a weekly restock, I have a list of everything I check each weekend. Again, I like doing this on Sundays so that I feel ready to tackle Monday like a champ. Instead of feeling behind. It is one of my favorite things that I tell my clients on how to stay organized.

The first thing I do after we get up and eat breakfast is have everyone remove their sheets. I throw them in the wash first thing in the morning. Everyone makes their beds with clean sheets. It is absolutely the best feeling hopping into bed on Sunday night to clean sheets. 

Everyone has to bring their dirty laundry basket to the laundry room with their dirty clothes and dirty sheets and dirty towels. Once the items are finished, the entire family has to fold and put away their laundry. We usually do this while we are watching America’s Funniest Home Videos. Like we race to fold and put away laundry during the commercial breaks. It’s like when we were young and had to race to get things done before our shows would come back on!

Then I do my restocking of all the supplies we used throughout the week. I refill the bathrooms with toilet paper and tissues. 

And I meal plan. I will spend a little bit of time going through what we are having for dinners along with making a “menu” for the kids’ breakfast and lunch choices. This way there is no “I don’t know what to eat”. I hand them the menu, they pick their food, and we eat.

I also order my groceries to be delivered on Monday based on our meal plan.


Daily Reset

The daily reset is simply the tasks you do daily to help you stay organized. The tasks include putting the pillows on your couch. Folding blankets. Picking up toys. Cleaning up the kitchen. 

Each night before we go up for bed, we make sure the house is reset from the day. That is why I like the term “daily reset”! There are many ways you go do your reset, but I am just sharing how we do ours.

Each night after we cleaned up the kitchen and run the dishwasher, we start on the lowest level and work my way up. For us, we start in the basement and put the couch back together, because my kids enjoy making forts out of the couch cushions. We put away the toys and games as well. Then we move to the mudroom and make sure shoes, jackets, and backpacks are hanging up in their cubbies. Then we clean up the play room and family room. 

The kids are responsible for bringing their toys and blankets they played with back to their bedrooms. I have found this to be a really helpful way to start to wind down for the day. By getting the house ready for the following day, the kids are able to transition to bed. 


I have found that by doing weekly restocks to get our home stocked with stuff for the week we are able to stay organized because no one is yelling they need toilet paper from the bathroom. And the daily reset is perfect because each day starts off with a fresh and tidy home.