Are your kids collecting those Hachibabies or Shopkins? Are their pieces all over the place? Not sure how to store the Shopkins characters?

I am going to share with you how you can shop The Container Store like a professional to find the best ways for your kids to organize and store their Shopkins!

How To Store Shopkins Characters

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Professional organizer shopping at the container store in the party aisle to find containers for tiny toys like shopkins characters and hachibabies

Round Them Up

Start by rounding up all the Shopkins characters, Hachibabies, and all the other small trinkets that they may be collecting. I want you to round them up first so you can get an idea of how many of the tiny toys you have. This will help when you go shop. Because you will actually know how many tiny toys they have, versus guessing at how many they have collected!

Shop Like A Pro

Head to The Container Store and go to the party aisle. We are going to store all the Shopkins characters, Hachibabies, and other small trinkets in the Mini Party Totes. These totes are perfect because they can hold the tiny toys while still looking cute. My daughter loves them and actually carries around her Shopkins in the mini party tote. Then she cleans up and puts everything back in the totes because they look like a purse. It just makes cleaning up and storing so easy!

four mini party totes storing shopkins characters, hachibabies, and pearler bead creations to demonstarte how to store tiny toy trinkets.

Contain Them

Store all the Hachibabies, Shopkins characters, and other tiny toys in the mini party totes. I recommend lining them up on a shelf. Or use a tray to keep the mini party totes contained, so they don’t end up all over the room!

Label It

Finally, add a label to the mini party tote! I had my daughter help me create labels. We went into Microsoft Excel and created picture labels in the shape of a square. Then I printed them out and laminated each square. Finally, I attached each label to the mini party tote using a binder clip.

close up of four mini party totes from the container store storing baseball cards, pearler bead creations and mini shopkins

Now all my daughter’s Shopkins characters, Hachibabies, and other small toys are contained in the adorable mini party totes. And she actually cleans up because she feels like she is carrying around a purse!

overlay how to store tiny toy trinkets with 4 mini party totes with things like pearler bead creations and shopkins characters inside