Sometimes you just have a piece of jewelry that is too pretty to keep stored in a box. Or you wear so frequently that it doesn’t make sense to have to put it away every night when you are going to wear it again in the morning. For those pieces of jewelry, I love to create jewelry display ideas for my clients. I set up a station near their other jewelry for their everyday jewelry goes. It can be a jewelry organizer, or a tray, or hooks in a closet. Whatever the display, I want to make it functional for my clients (and myself)!

Jewelry Display Ideas

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Trays are always my go-to for easy organizing. I especially like them to help keep things contained when they are being displayed on a dresser.

Start by finding a tray that is large enough for all the items you want to keep displayed, but still fits in your space. Then add a ring holder to the tray to hold your rings and earrings you wear daily. Only keep out the items you wear every day. All other items should be stored in your jewelry box so the don’t get dusty.

Sometimes I will add a small plate on my tray to hold things like watches. This watch is the Jord Cassia watch in ebony and sable. I love it because it is so different in coloring, but can hold up to me wearing it every day…even on organizing jobs! And it is pretty enough I could wear it out for a date night!


For some clients, I will recommend using jewelry display organizers. These are perfect tools when you have a lot of every day jewelry. My favorites are the standing bracelet/necklace holders, and ring holders. One of my favorite ways to display incredible jewels like these from Diana Peters Designs, is using a display organizer so you can just hang the jewelry on it when you are done wearing it for the day!


I have created a jewelry station on a shelf in a closet for one client. We added hooks in the back wall to hold everyday necklaces and bracelets. Her watch was displayed in it’s box it came in. The remaining jewelry was stored in a jewelry box.

This solution helped keep her organized, as she would get ready rather quickly in the morning so keeping all the jewelry near her clothes worked for her needs.

Unique Options

Sometimes it can be fun to create unique jewelry display ideas that are a little out of the box! I have seen people turn old cigar boxes into jewelry organizers. That would make an adorable jewelry display on a dresser.

Forever ago, I created a jewelry holder by adding cork board to the back of a picture frame after I took off the glass. I wrapped the entire thing in fabric. Then I used pushpins to hold my necklaces as the frame was displayed on the wall! It was truly a piece of art.

No matter which way you decide to showcase your everyday jewelry, I want you to make sure it is easy to put away. Because the second it is not easy, you are less likely to keep up with putting things back where they go. So find a system that works for you!

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