I have been gluten-free for over 6 years now and have just recently been trying to eat according to the Paleo diet.  The Paleo diet focuses on eating foods that our paleolithic ancestors would have eaten.  These foods would include meats, fish, veggies and fruits, but not grains, dairy or refined sugars.  I have gotten the entire family to start eating on a Paleo-ish diet.  That just means that they might have dairy or gluten-free breads occasionally.

Well, after the holidays, we have all slipped back into eating just gluten-free and I am feeling the side effects of not keeping up with a diet that was actually working for my body.  I am getting really tired rather quickly and really don’t have much of an appetite, but when I do get hungry, I end up eating junk.  The kiddos stomachs are also not super pleased with me and my lack of consistency with what they are eating.

In an effort to get back to my regular meal planning, I decided I needed a printable to keep me organized!  I created this printable and want to share it with you in hopes that it helps you stay on track for your dinner meal planning!

Meal Planning Printable

Click here to download the dinner planner: Dinner-Planning-Sheet.pdf

Typically I take Sundays to meal plan.  I take out my cookbooks and my computer and find recipes.  I usually do the new or more difficult recipes on Mondays or Tuesdays and keep the rest of the week to meals I know I can make quickly, as I loose my steam for cooking come Fridays!  We also have to get better about prepping our food on Sundays.  That means cutting up the onions so I don’t have to during the week, or make breads and coffee creamer so I am not doing it on a weeknight.

I am also planning on sharing my weekly meal plan with you all starting this Sunday.  Any amazing recipes you’d like me to try, just leave a comment below!