If you know my husband, you know his idea of organizing clothes is to throw them on the floor/bed or stuff them into any open drawer.  This does not sit well for me as I am the one to put away the laundry and always stumble upon random clothing items located in random drawers.  This also doesn’t sit well for me as I am usually the one to be blamed for “missing” clothing items.  I decided it was time to clean out all of his drawers.

Keeping My Husband's Clothes Organized

I started by emptying all of his drawers and sorting the clothes into piles such as long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, shorts, sweatpants, etc.  I took all of the winter clothes and placed them in a container under our bed and took out his summer clothes.

I have four drawers to put all of his clothes into.  This is challenging because I don’t want to have to redo his drawers again, so I needed an easy way to have his clothes sorted that didn’t take a lot of effort on his part.

I started with his t-shirts.  I took all of the t-shirts and made that one drawer.  I tried to sort them into three categories (workout shirts, sports shirts and casual shirts).  If they don’t stay in these categories, it is fine because they will all be in the same drawer.

Moving on to the rest of the clothes, I had to get rid of some of the sorry-looking articles of clothing.  A lot of his shorts were really “worn in” because of all of the sports he plays.  I tried to make categories of shorts as well.  These categories were sports shorts, casual shorts and golf shorts.  Again, if they don’t stay in these piles, they will all be contained to the same drawer (hopefully)!

Finally, I went threw his undershirts, boxers and socks.  I got rid of all the hole-y, dingy and mismatched items that were there.  Using a sock drawer organizer, I was able to get the socks sorted by color, which should make finding the right socks easier!

Now all of the drawers are organized and, surprisingly, the hubby found “missing” clothing items because they were hidden under a massive pile of random clothing.  Let’s hope that things stay in the correct drawers…if they don’t I might have to label the drawers!