Today’s focus for the Organize Back To School Challenge is the bathrooms, specifically the kids bathrooms.  By creating organizational systems to keep the bathroom organized, you will increase productivity in the mornings, making your morning routines run smoothly!  Back when we got the kids bedrooms organized for back to school, I shared some of my free printables to help with morning routines!  Print them off to help make the morning run smoothly!

Now it’s time to organizing the bathroom for kids for the Organize Back To School Challenge.  I’m sharing an update on my kids bathroom, along with tips to organize your kids bathrooms!

Both of my kids share a bathroom.  Since they are both so young, it doesn’t matter what the space looks like, but I wanted to create a space that they can use for a while.  When we moved in to our house, we didn’t change the paint color in the kids bathroom.  We just did a quick touch up and figured it’d be a project for later.  Well, two years later we finally updated the space.  It started off with a white shower curtain and a mirror.  Then we added a picture my brother drew.  Then it stayed very basic for a very long time.

Keeping The Kids Bathrooms Organized

I decided that I wanted to do a navy and coral space for the kids.  We found a fantastic color called Admiral Blue by Benjamin Moore.  It’s the perfect blue to go with the coral I had envisioned for the space.  I decorated the space with floor mats, shower curtain, and towels from Home Goods in both navy and coral accents.  Then I headed over to Target and found a fantastic vase, drawer organizers, and picture frame.

Our drawers are narrow and the cabinet is one, big, open space.  To organize the drawers and under cabinet items, I was able to use the space with drawer organizers.  By using the organizers, I am able to keep items together within their confined space.  I use Command™ Hanging Strips to keep the drawer organizers from sliding when we open and close the drawers.  Simply secure two Command™ Hanging Strips to the bottom of the drawer organizer and stick it to the drawer.


Keeping The Kids Bathrooms Organized - Drawer Organization

Under the sink cabinets can be challenging to organize.  You never want to store things so far in the back because they will probably get lost behind something, and, since it’s dark in the cabinets, you might not remember it’s there.  I suggest keeping some sort of bin to hold your under the sink items.  My favorites include Elfa glider, Expandable Undersink OrganizerStacking Mesh Kitchen Bins, and Plastic Totes.  All of these can be incredibly helpful for keeping the kids things organized for under the sink.  Just think about how your kids use the space and plan accordingly.

Keeping The Kids Bathrooms Organized - Under Sink Storage

Make sure you only keep the things you actually use in the bathroom.  Everything else is probably junk or belongs somewhere else.  Continuously get rid of things that are old, expired, or belong in a different location!

Keeping The Kids Bathrooms Organized - Coral And Navy Bathroom

Now get to work on getting the kids bathrooms organized!  And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ for more tips and tricks on ways to get organized!

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