Ready to organize your kids–stuff and all? I’ve talked about this a lot recently because it is such a game-changer! It feels impossible, but I promise, it can be done. Read on or watch the video below for five tips to help get your kids organized.

A Tidy and Organized Kid's Room

5 Tips to Organize Your Kids

  • Less is more.

They don’t need as much as you think. Make it easy on yourself: note what toys they play with over the course of the week. Get rid of the rest. Need help? Get my checklist for decluttering kids’ toys. 

  • Store toys in easy-to-access locations.

Don’t put toys on high shelves or in places they can’t get to. Either they’ll never play with them or they’ll never put them away. If they can access it, they can be responsible for putting them away.

  • Limit how much stuff goes into the kids’ bedrooms.

I’ve read so much research on how a cluttered space affects the quality of sleep. It’s true for kids too. A few stuffed animals, desk supplies, books, and maybe a few special toys. That’s it.

  • Create zones to help organize your kids.

Think of a preschool classroom where certain areas are designated for a specific type of toy. The dress-up clothes and kitchen set are in one area. Sports stuff is in the corner. Art supplies are in another spot. Setting up your playroom or play spaces with zones will make it easier to play and clean up.

  • Set routines and expectations.

Yes! Once you set up these systems, let maintaining them be your kids’ responsibility. They CAN do it. You can even create an expectation chart that outlines rules and specific expectations.

Five Tips for Organizing Your Kids