Back in 2013, I shared how I got our linen closet organized, because it wasn’t being used effectively.  Well, I haven’t really touched it since then, just maintained the organizational system I put into place, which I shared about last year.  Now things have gotten disorganized all over again.  This is due to the fact that we had another kid, which means more bedding and more products and more stuff!  To combat this problem, I did what any normal person would do…I would close the door and not look at the closet and pretend that it didn’t exist.  Yes, I do that too!  But, I have done this for a while and it was time for me to finally get around to cleaning it up.  (I was also getting really tired of writing it down on my to-do list for the week and not completing that task!)

I started by taking everything out of the linen closet.  I took all the sheets, blankets, towels and other linens into our bedroom to spread out on the bed.  I took all the bathroom items and put them on the counter top, so I could spread them out to sort.

Linen Closet Organization

Linen Closet Organization

I started by organizing the linens.  We have a large amount of sheets due to the fact that we have a king bed in the master bedroom, a queen bed in the basement, a toddler bed, a crib, plus all the pillow cases.  We also have lots of towels, beach towels, baby towels, hand towels, wash cloths…you get the idea, we are hoarders of towels.

I needed to donate some of our towels and sheets because things were getting out of control.  I like to donate our towels to the animal shelter, as they can always use sheets and towels for the puppies and kitties!  So I sorted through all the towels and sheets.  Once they were all grouped into piles, I started to put them back into the linen closet.  I decided to keep an entire shelve strictly for towels.  I had our bath towels and beach towels together, making it easy to find towels when we need them.

Linen Closet Organization - Hand Towels

I decided to put the sheets into bins so I really don’t have to worry about folding them perfectly.  I can never get the fitted sheets for our master bed folded just right, even though I’ve watched those tutorials on YouTube a million times!  I can do it for the crib sheets and the queen sheets, but for some reason, still haven’t mastered the king sheet fitted sheet fold.  I have a bin for the master bedroom, which holds our second sheet set, and pillow cases.  I have a bin for the kids sheets.  Since their sheets are small, I can fit both of them into one bin, along with Eli’s down comforter for his toddler bed.  I decided to keep the queen sheets in the basement, since that is where the bed is located.  This helps reduce the amount of items are in our tiny linen closet.  I took another bin that was shallow to store the remaining items such as wash clothes and hand towels.  I felt this will help keep track of all the smaller towels, so they won’t get lost in the closet.

Linen Closet Organization - Door Shelf

Finally, I went to tackle the bathroom items.  First, I looked at all the expiration dates on all the vitamins and bottles that were hanging out in the linen closet.  Anything that was expired or didn’t have an expiration date was thrown out.  Any new item that I have purchased that does not have an expiration date I decided to write with a permanent marker the date that it was purchased.

Then I grouped all like items together such as eye care, baby items, toiletries, etc.  I put all the smaller items on the shelves on the door of the linen closet.  The door shelf is really helpful to make finding toiletry items quickly.  I can scan the shelves to find exactly what I am looking for.  I decided to move some of the toiletry items that Ben and I use into the master bathroom.  I created some space under the sink to make sure that we can keep our shampoo, lotion and body wash in our bathroom because we usually realize that we are out once we are actually in the shower!

Linen Closet Organization - Extra Supplies

I took some bigger items such as Q-Tips, cotton balls, and my lady-stuff, and put them into a bin.  I have our Kleenex and toilet paper stored on the bottom of the linen closet, since those items are big and take up a lot of room.  We buy them on Amazon, which means we get a lot of Kleenex at once.  I just have to make sure that the bottom is always ready when we get our delivery, otherwise we have Kleenex boxes sprawling out all over the place.

I also took a bin to create a first aid kit.  I have all of our band aids, wraps, thermometers, etc. in one easy-to-grab bin for when of any emergency we may encounter.  It also helps to be able to pull out the first aid kit when a baby sitter is coming over.  I can have it out, just in case!

Linen Closet Organization - First Aid Kit

Now that the linen closet is nice and organized, I created some labels to attach to the bins.  This will help everyone figure out where everything goes.  You all know I love me some labels!  Not only does it keep things organized, it helps the family stay organized because they can easily find things and put things away in the proper place, making it easy to find the next time!

So go take a look in your linen closet and see if you need an organizational revamp!  I know it’s so much easier to just run and hid from the scary linen closet, but once you open those doors and start organizing, you will feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders!  So get in there and start organizing!