Happy Saturday!!

I am kind of in shock that the end of March is approaching.  Like, where did the time go??

This week I really tried to focus on finishing up organizing the living room.  I got the entire space organized and decluttered.

how to quickly declutter a living room

This weekend we are going to attempt to install curtains, but we have to DIY curtain rods.  The window is just too big for any normal rod.  Wish us luck because this could be a total disaster or an epic success!!

I also spent the week “trying” to clear the clutter on my desk and get it organized using some DIY desk organizers I made.  I love how the organizers turned out… but I just need to keep the desk semi-organized.

Organizing Desk

And this week I had an epic fail in the meal planning department!!  Like I think I only made one thing from my menu.

My ambitions were too high for real life.

This week I decided to keep things simple.  I will only be trying one new meal!!  Hoping this will get us back on track for eating healthy meals, and not ordering in!!

what's for dinner weekly meal plan


Meatless Mondays is starting up again!  I did this last spring, and it was nice not to have to cook meat.  So I am going to try this again!!

This week, I am going to just make sweet potato noodles with tomato sauce.  Super easy and very delicious!


Taco Tuesday… because my kids would eat them every day!

I like to add avocados, cheese, and meat to mine!


New recipe Wednesday!!

I have never made this before, but since I know I will have left-over avocado, I will be making this quinoa taco bowl from Lemon Tree Dwelling.

It sounds delicious and I can use the left-overs in this mix.


Dinner for Breakfast!

I will make banana pancakes, eggs, sweet potato hash, and bacon.

I fell in love with the sweet potato hash recipe when I did the Whole30.  I still love making it because it tastes amazing with scrambled eggs!!  I will sometimes add brussels sprouts to the mix if I am really feeling like a baller!


Left  Overs (But in reality it’s pizza)

This has been our typical Friday and I think the entire family loves having one greasy meal a week!!  I need to stop saying left overs because those usually get eaten during the weekend.