With bouquets of sharpened pencils and fall in the air, that can only mean one thing… back to school time!! I am sharing my tips for how to create a mobile kids’ homework station that can easily grow with your student throughout the year. This homework station is perfect for any area of the home, since not every kiddo loves working at a desk! Mine love our kitchen counters!!

How To Create A Mobile Kids’ Homework Station

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Setting Up

The most important thing with any homework station is to make sure the kids love where it is located. I mean, if they don’t like it, what are the chances they will actually work at it??

That is why I love creating mobile homework stations… like on wheels. So we can just swing it into the kitchen or the play room, depending on the kids’ mood.

I absolutely love storage carts and Deflecto Stack ‘N Go Caddies. Both options are easily moveable and super functional!


For early elementary school, the mobile kids’ homework station should include crayons, markers, pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners, paper, and erasers.

Upper elementary might need more “equipment” like calculators, protractors, and compasses.

I suggest filling the mobile homework station with items your child needs frequently to complete assignments.

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Once the mobile kids’ homework station is filled with all the things they need while working, it is time for my favorite part… labeling!!

There are many ways you can create labels for the caddie. My favorite are vinyl labels, like the ones in my shop. You can also add chalkboard labels using chalk tape! I love this option because you can easily swap out what goes in your homework station depending on the term/quarter! Custom labels are also a nice touch. I have made my own using Xyron sticker maker machines.

Now everything is all set for creating the perfect and functional mobile kids’ homework station! Here’s to an amazing school year!!

Professional organizer is sharing her tips for how to create a mobile kids' homework station that can easily grow with your student throughout the year. #backtoschool #homework

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