Now that we are back into our fall routines, I needed to get myself back into my normal cleaning or organizing schedule that was so helpful for our family back in the spring!  I needed to try a new system because all of the ones I use to try just weren’t working for me!

I have tried the “clean one area of your house a day to get the whole house clean in a week” cleaning practice and I could only make it to Tuesday before I just would give up.

Then I tried the “I will clean one area of the the house once a month” cleaning practice and our house just got filthy!

So I decided that I would need to do things differently then what I was doing!  I started by going through our routine and what needed to get done each week.  After I wrote up my list of things I needed to get done in a week, I broke down each task by what I could actually accomplish in a day.  I decided that the bathroom was a two day job and that a good deep cleaning could take place once a month.

So this is what I came up with to keep our house clean and organized!  Let’s see how this works!  Any useful tips you have found to keeping your house organized and clean?