When it comes to the change in seasons, there are always some things that I just can’t help but get excited to organize.  Jackets are one of them.  I get so excited when I can put away my winter gear and pull out our spring jackets!

I know it sounds super corny, but I get so excited when I can put away our winter jackets and pull out our spring jackets!  That means that we get to spend more time outside, which I love!

With the change in season happening here in Chicago, I decided it was time to switch out our jackets.  In order to fully organize all the family jackets, there are a few steps I follow every time we switch seasons.

How To Organize Your Family's Jackets

1. Collect All Jackets

Grab every single jacket you have and make one big pile.  Check the car, trunk, mud room…every where.  Make sure you have all the jackets your entire family owns before you continue.

I suggest this because then you can truly see every single jacket you own.  By being able to visually see your entire stock, you will be able to make a better decision about what you actually wear, and what you can part with.

Collect All Jackets

2. Divide Pile By Family Member

When all the jackets are collected.  Start to sort them into piles based on family members.  For my family, we have four piles, because there are four of us in the family.

Start a donate, keep, and sell pile with trash bags before you continue.  As you are dividing up the piles, look at the size of the kids’ jackets.  Some may be too small if they have been stored from last year.  Any jacket that is too small of your child’s put in either the donate or sell pile.

3. Try On Every Jacket On Every Family Member

Now, start by trying on every single jacket you own.  Seriously, look in a mirror and ask yourself if you truly love this jacket.  If you do, then keep it!  You want to wear clothing that makes you happy.  If you don’t totally love the jacket, then donate or sell it.  Don’t keep something just because you need a specific type of jacket.  If you don’t love how you look in the jacket, you will never be happy wearing it.

Once you have gone through all of your jackets, go through the kids’ jackets.  Have them try on each jacket.  Ask them if they like the jacket.  My daughter will tell me that her jackets are “too cute” if she loves them.

Then, go through your significant others’ jackets.  Make them try on each jacket.  If they ask you what you think, it is a sign that they no longer need that jacket!

Sorting Jackets

4. Discard Jackets That No Longer Fit

If a jacket is too small, no longer fits, or is broken/ripped, then you should either donate or sell.  I had a jacket that needed a new zipper that I have been holding onto for two years.  I never got that zipper fixed, so it was time to part with that jacket.  I wasn’t able to wear it and I didn’t care enough to actually take the time to get the zipper fixed.  It was sad to say goodbye to that jacket, but it wasn’t being worn, so it had to go.

Then, when you have gone through all the jackets, put the bags of jackets to donate and sell out of way.  I always suggest to put them in your car or garage, so that you can have space to work and organize the remaining items you have left.  And, it makes it really easy to just drive up to a donation center on your way to wherever!

Also, if you have a jacket that needs cleaning, take care of it now!  You will be so happy you washed off that stain or cleaned the inside of a jacket before you hung it up again.

Hang Jackets

5. Store All Jackets In The Same Location

I strongly suggest storing all your jackets in the same location.  For us, I keep all the kids’ jackets in their cubbies.  When the season is over, I donate their jackets because they are changing their sizes by the following year.  For myself and my husband, I keep our seasonal jackets in our cubbies and the off-season jackets in the closet.  I will switch them out when the season changes.  By keeping out all seasonal jackets, I am able to see everything that I have.


I also send my winter jackets to the dry cleaner at the end of every season.  This way I know they will be clean for the following winter.  I do make sure I don’t need them because it can get pretty chilly without a warm jacket!

So, to get your family’s jackets organized, gather all the jackets.  Then, make piles per family member.  Create a keep, donate, and sell pile with trash bags.  Then try on every jacket and ask yourself if this jacket makes you happy and feel good.  Keep the jackets you love, and discard the jackets you don’t.  Be really honest with yourself.  Finally, store all your jackets in the same location so you know what you have.

Now it’s your turn!  Grab all your jackets and get organizing!