When it comes to kids’ toys, they can easily take over the entire house. So I am breaking down all my tips for how to organize kids toys like a professional for every room of your home!! Which means that you can easily get things organized, once and for all!!

Toys In Bins Storage

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Living Room

When it comes to organizing toys around the house, I have a few tricks for keeping the toy clutter tamed.

A few years ago I shared a reader request for how to organize kids toys without having an actual play room.  We started by taking about my favorite storage options.  Then I broke it down for how to categorize toys.  Finally I shared how to teach the kids how to use the system you just created. This last step is so important for keeping up with any organizing systems you create.

Another helpful way to organize toys in the living room is to hide them! Seriously, I have done with for tons of clients, so they don’t have to lose their design esthetic, but still live a realistic life. I have a ton of creative ways you can create storage.

And I shared how to clean up your entire house every night using my tried and true technique that I do every night!

Play Room/Basement

When it comes to organizing play rooms and basements, I have found the best approach is to keep specific types of toys in specific locations. For example, keep all play food together, whether that be the play room or the basement. But just keep them all together so cleaning up and finding parts is easy!

Keeping Legos organized can be as easy as storing in plastic baggies! I do that, along with storing them in Creative Options portfolio holders. It is the easiest way to keep those little buggers organized.

Since you are keeping all the toys together based on categories, you can easily do a 5-minute clean-up EVERY NIGHT!!  Seriously!!

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Toys taking over the bedroom? Try getting all the stuffed animals organized by keeping them all together in a baby crib.

Or store toys under the bed by creating a pull-out drawer or using the wall space to hold small toys!

And you can use space in closets to store extra toys and books!

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Ball Storage With Bungy Cords


To organize kids toys that live outside, start with collecting all the balls and creating a ball station. You can use a create or an empty cabinet to create this ball storage.

Another way to keep all the cars, bikes, etc. is to create a “parking lot” for everything. Use painter’s tape to tape off areas where different bikes go. Use a chalk pen to write what item goes where. This will allow the kids to clean up once they are finished playing.


When the kids were little, I stored a few toys on chains for them to play with while we were driving. It totally saved me from them dropping it on the floor and have to pull over to grab it.

I also keep a few essentials in the trunk of the car in case of emergency or if we are just out and about! I always keep sand toys in the trunk so if we end up at the beach the kids can grab them to play with.

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So now you are ready to organize kids toys in every area of your home!! I suggest to start with a small project, like the car. Clear everything out and categorize each item. Go through each item again to throw away garbage that was missed, or find missing parts. Then put things back. Move onto the next area of your home, like a bedroom. Keep doing this over and over until all the toys are totally organized!

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