I have talked a lot about ways to organize items that seem logical to organize, like clothing or linens.  But what do you do when you have those miscellaneous items just floating around?  How do you organize, sort, and store them?

I am talking home decor items, cleaning supplies, pretty much everything in the garage, tools, office supplies, crafting supplies… you get the idea!

My fool-proof method for getting everything organized for good always starts with collecting everything in that category.  I always suggest organizing based on categories, as I have found that things stay organized when you have completely purged items that you might have duplicates of.

For the miscellaneous category, I break it down even further.  In The Ultimate DIY Home Organizing Workbook, I break down how to specifically organize this category, based on client work I have done!

So I would start with office supplies.  Then go into cleaning supplies, tools, crafting supplies, home decor items, the garage/outdoor items.


When I say collect, I mean find every last item in that category.  So grab all your office supplies, for example (pencils, pens, notepad).  Find every single one.  Like those hiding in the kitchen, or your purse!  I know it sounds crazy to grab all the pencils you have in your entire house/car/purse, but it will totally make a difference once you start editing and storing your items.


Go through every item you just collected.  Check every pen and make sure it still works.  Sharpen pencils that need to be sharpened.  Throw away any writing utensils that don’t work, or broken paper clips that are just lying around.


Now group all the items into subcategories.  Put all pencils together.  All pens together.

I always recommend doing this so you can visually see what you have, so you can make any additional edits, if needed.  Sometimes you might have double or triple one particular item that doesn’t need to be duplicated.


When you store miscellaneous items, I always recommend to store them together.  So all tools should go together.  The reasoning behind this is because you will limit the amount of duplicate items you will collect, saving you from excess clutter and money!

For things like tools, I have created a tool station in our basement bathroom.  My husband’s tool bag is where he puts tools he needs for projects, then we put it back in the drawers when they are not in use.

Crafting supplies should all be stored together.  Preferably somewhere the wrapping paper is stored.  This way you can use your crafting supplies for embellishments on the gift wrapping.


I feel that the most important step to keeping your miscellaneous items organized is the upkeep of your organizational system.  Whenever you use something from one grouping, quickly assess what you have.  Is there a vase you never use?  Are there broken tools you haven’t gotten around to fixing?  Assess the category and declutter as you go.  This way, you will never have to do a major organizational overhaul again!!

So get to work organizing all those random items you have lying around the house!

And for more organizational support, check out The Ultimate DIY Home Organizing Workbook!  It is a total house organizational workbook for you to DIY your way to an organized home!

It is the perfect gift for those family members who love organizing, but don’t know where to start.  The workbook breaks down the entire organizational process based on categories.  Checklists help to keep yourself on track.  Inventory lists keep your donations ready for tax season.  Plus, there are helpful tools for how to store and sort items in each category.

Head over to my Etsy shop to grab a copy of The Ultimate DIY Home Organizing Workbook today!

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