Recently I was working with a client on clearing the excess clutter in their mud room. We did the usual: round up of everything in that space, edit down what she had, and started sorting what was left.

During the sorting process, she commented that she never knows what to do with all the dog’s stuff… leashes, treats (like our favorites from Milo’s Kitchen), shampoos, brushes, pills, etc.

When she mentioned that, it got me thinking that a lot of my clients have pet supplies scattered throughout the house. Some clients really struggled with efficient way to organize pet supplies. Are you one of them? Do you find that storing pet supplies can seem tricky?

Well I am sharing some easy ways to organize pet supplies, so you can show your pet how much you love them.  Because nothing says “I love you” more than something made with love and care.

easiest ways to organize pet supplies

Toy Storage

Most pups enjoy dragging their toys in every room of the house. So, to make clean up easy I keep a basket in each room to throw toys.

This strategy works well for a quick clean-up at the end of the night!  All you have to do is toss the toys in the basket that is in that room and all the dog toys are back where your pooch can find them!

under sink bathroom organizer kids

Grooming Storage

I always suggest to keep the grooming supplies in the bathroom that the pup gets bathed in. It makes things so much easier if they roll in something, or get sprayed by a skunk. What?? That’s never happened to your dog??

I store shampoo and skunk remover in a clear bin under the sink. I do that so the kiddos don’t get into the stuff because I lock the cabinet.

Most of my clients I have recommended keeping the brushes near the shampoo, because that is when they typically brush the dogs.

For us, I keep it in the kitchen, near the back door. I do this because I have to brush my dog frequently as he gets into all sorts of burrs in our backyard. I keep the brushes in a turntable with other puppy essentials.

Find a spot for the brushes that makes sense for when you brush your dog when figuring out how to organize pet supplies!

how to organize pet supplies

Food Storage

I always suggest dumping the pet food into a large bin. Not only does the bin keep the food fresher, it takes up less space than the giant bag.

We have ours on a pull-out shelf. If you don’t have that option, get a large bin with wheels to make it easy to feed your pup.

organize pet supplies treats dog food

Treat Storage

Dogs are family. And they deserve to be treated like family. Which is why I love storing all the dog food at a low level so my kiddos can give him treats.

I store all of our treats in air-tight jars to keep them fresh. I typically get a few different flavors and store the extras in the back of the cabinet for easy refills.

Our favorite snacks are Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats. The snacks are not only look like jerky, sausage slices and meatballs, but actually are 100% real jerky, sausage slices and meatballs. So I never have to worry about my kids feeding them to the dog because they are real food!

organizing pet supplies treats

We always get our treats at our local Meijer for your Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats because they have the biggest selection! And you can take advantage of this mPerks offer of 30% off Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats now through 10/7 (while supplies last) before you head into Meijer today!

how to organize a garage hooks pegboard

Accessory Storage

Leashes, collars, and other pet accessories can scatter throughout the home. I suggest to keep all leashes and collars in or near the garage or main entrance to your home. This way, you can grab and go with your pup.

Sweaters, costumes, and other accessories you might have for your dog should be located near your jackets. I keep our pup’s sweaters hanging on a hook in the front hall closet. While I keep the costumes in a bin with the rest of our Halloween gear.

pup stuff organizing pet supplies

Organize pet supplies by collecting all your pets’ things. Storing the items in a logical place, such as shampoos in the bathroom. And grab your pets some delicious treats from Milo’s Kitchen home-style dog treats!

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