Effective ways to organize toys has been a topic I have helped countless families tackle over the past four years. I have worked with families in their homes along with sharing tons of content on the blog about toy organizing! It is an ever-evolving process. But I have some helpful tips that have been able to withstand over four years of experience.

Toys taking over? Check out these 6 easy steps to declutter kids toys and keep them organized from a professional organizer! #toyorganization #kidsdecor #declutter

The Most Effective Ways To Organize Toys

Group Like Toys Together

While those adorable oversized bins sure make any space look cute, they are soooo not functional! So instead of throwing all the toys into one giant bin, get a few smaller bins. Group similar toys together in that smaller bin. Now you have effective storage that your kids can actually use!

Organizing Toys Like A Pro

Organize Stuffed Animals

Toys In Bins Storage

Contain Toys

While not all toys have to be shoved into a bin, it might be helpful to create designated areas for toys to go. I love creating a “parking lot” for large cars and trucks. Using doll beds helps keep the dolls contained to one area.

Some of my favorite containers for kids toys are:


Especially when it comes to little kids, make sure you slap a label on it! The clearer you are with location of toys, the easier it is to keep up with.

I use picture labels on almost all kiddos’ bins. But I have created a ton of other ways to label that are both adorable and functional!

Organizing and Labeling Kids Toys

Favorite Labels

Learn how to create adorable bunny play room labels to add some character to bins #playroom #organize #labels


Putting things away can seem challenging… especially when the kids have completely destroyed the play space!! But if you teach the kids where toys go, they are much more likely to help clean up.

Based on my knowledge as an education and organizer, I feel this clean-up chart is an appropriate estimate of what kiddos can do at each age.

Having kids help you clean up can be tricky, but with this age-appropriate clean-up guide, you know what you can roughly expect from each age group. Created by a professional organizer and teacher. #organize #clean

Declutter As You Play

As you play with the kids, just scan through a bin of toys to see if there is anything that can get donated or tossed. This process helps with upkeep because you don’t need a large chunk of time to declutter! Just do it as you play.

Declutter Toys

Tackle Toy Clutter

Toys taking over? Check out these 6 easy steps to declutter kids toys and keep them organized from a professional organizer! #toyorganization #kidsdecor #declutter

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It can be easy to get your kids to clean up after themselves if you know these tricks for ways to effectively organize toys! Created by a former teacher and professional organizer! #kids #organize #cleanup