Who is excited to get organized for back to school??? I love this time of year. Maybe it is “bouquets of sharpened pencils” or the fresh start. But this time of year gets me excited to get organized!!

I have a ton of tips for how you can get organized for back to school, plus you can join in my free challenge to get you organized before the kids are in school!!

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How To Get Organized For Back To School

Homework Station

First thing I would start with is creating  a space for your kids to do homework and unwind. I have some amazing tips for creating a homework caddy and creating a snack station for after school!

Drawer Organization

I also like to get the kids’ clothes organized before school starts. I go through each of the kids clothing then store them in drawers and closets.

I file fold the kids clothes and hang a lot of items in the closets. I keep shoes in the mud room so the kids can grab them as they head out the door for school.

t-shirt drawer organization


Setting up a mudroom can be incredibly helpful for keeping organized for back to school. We have built-in cubbies, but you can easily set up a mudroom in many different ways. Turn a closet into a mudroom by adding hooks at various heights. Create a dumping ground using oversized bins for backpacks in the garage. Or use a bench and put storage underneath!


Getting kids on a schedule can be useful, especially before school actually starts.

I created a printable for a back to school schedule that is perfect for getting kids back on track after summer fun!

Plus I love creating a back to school binder for each kid each year. I have a free printable to add to the binder!!

school binder with printables and way to store artwork

Command Center

Setting up a command center for all the papers and other items that come home is a great way to reduce extra “stuff” lying around the kitchen counters. I love the Pottery Barn system, but have used clipboards as well!

Clipboard Storing Kids Artwork

Back To School Organizing Challenge

If you want to get organized, join my FREE challenge!! Every day for the month of August, I will send you a small task to organize or complete before the end of the day. Then, by the end of the month, you will be organized for the new school year!!