If your kids are like mine, they have way too many pieces of tableware.  Starting with plates, we have the divided plates and the undivided plates.  We have small bowls that match the undivided plates.  We have bowls that are suppose to stick to the tray of the high chair or table.  We have small drinking cups.  We have water bottles.  We have Tervis cups with lids.  We have spoons, knives and forks.  We have tupperware to hold snacks.  I could keep going, but I’m getting overwhelmed by how much stuff we have for these kiddos.

organizing kids tableware

We have a cabinet that is dedicated just to the kids tableware.  As Adleigh started to eat more solid foods, we somehow got more plate, cups, silverware, etc.  I don’t know where it came from but it just seemed to pile up until the cabinet got so overwhelming that I wouldn’t open it.

I couldn’t handle the disaster that was that cabinet, so I needed to tame that beast.  I started, like I always do, taking everything out of the space.  I sorted all of the items into categories: silverware, plates, cups, bowls, and water bottles.

Then I went through each category to find items that were old or missing parts…Yes, we had a water bottle that didn’t have a straw, so you couldn’t use it.  I have no idea why it was in the cabinet, but I can proudly say that it is no longer there!

organizing kids tableware

Once I went through each category I needed to put things back.  Thinking about how we use this space, I decided that I would line the back of the cabinet with cups and water bottles, making them easy to see.  Before, I lined the cups and water bottles up into two rows, making it difficult to find items I was looking for quickly.  By lining the back of the cabinet with the water bottles and cups, I am able to find a drinking item for the kiddos quickly.

I took the plates and put them in the front of the cabinet, making it easy to grab since I use them every day for every meal.  In one corner of the cabinet, I put the bowls that didn’t stick.  Seeing as the sticky bowls lost their grip, I decided to get rid of them.  They weren’t doing us any good and were more of a bother than were actually being used.  In the other corner of the cabinet, I stacked the snack tupperware since we don’t use it as often.  I can still see them, but they are not obstructing my view of other things in that cabinet.

organizing kids tableware

Then I had the silverware left.  I decided to put the silverware with our silverware, in the drawer.  I had to clean out our silverware drawer because it was really messy.  I got rid of some plastic utensils that were being housed in the drawer, along with relocating some of the utensils to other drawers that better suited them, such as our fancy serving utensils to be located with our fine china.

Now the cabinet is clean and organized, making finding cups, bowls and cups for the kiddos!  How do you keep the kiddos’ tableware organized?  Do you keep them in a cabinet or drawer?