I know it’s been a while since I have posted pictures of rooms in the house, so I thought I’d start sharing some pictures this month!  I’m starting by sharing Eli’s updated toddler room.  Almost a year ago, I posted pictures of Eli’s toddler room, but he was still in his crib.  When he decided to start flipping himself out of the crib, we had to switch him over to a toddler bed.  In doing this, I decided to change up some things in his room to make it more toddler-ish.

Room Tour: Eli's Navy, Grey and Orange Toddler Room - Crib

Once we switched the front rail to the toddler rail, we needed new sheets!  I wanted to keep the colors grey, navy and pops of orange so he could easily grow into the space.  I purchased the Make A Splash sheets set, and Wide Stripe duvet cover from Land of Nod.

Room Tour: Eli's Navy, Grey and Orange Toddler Room

We purchased the banner from Land of Nod for Eli’s nursery and it continues to work in this new space.  It really has grown with him as we transitioned from the nursery to the toddler room.

Room Tour: Eli's Navy, Grey and Orange Toddler Room - Airplane Mobile

One of my favorite things in Eli’s room is the handmade artwork.  The “Eli” picture was created by one of my dear friends and was all hand cut to create this incredible piece of artwork.  The tree in the picture is a Linden tree, which is Eli’s middle name.

The “E Elephant” print is from the Art of Dr. Seuss gallery on Michigan Aveune because Eli loves elephants and this print was so fitting for him!

The airplane mobile was an incredible purchase from Cactus and Olive’s etsy store.  I just love how the colors fit perfectly into this space!

Room Tour: Eli's Navy, Grey and Orange Toddler Room - Dresser

Eli loves looking at pictures of himself, so I try to keep lots of pictures of him in his room.  It’s always fun looking at how much he’s changed over the years!  The blackout curtains were purchased from Pottery Barn Kids and really do make the room dark.  We also have room darkening blinds that make the bedroom pitch black, making it perfect for naptime!

Room Tour: Eli's Navy, Grey and Orange Toddler Room - Pottery Barn Kids

Every toddler room needs a place to store toys and books, so we purchased the Storagepoolza from Land of Nod.  It makes for the perfect place to store books, toys, games, really anything that a toddler might need!  The “Eli” chair is from Pottery Barn Kids, making it the perfect spot for Eli to sit and read his books.  The poof was made by my mom to match the space.  The sports images were purchased from the Saint & Sailor etsy shop.  The giraffe painting was done by my sister-in-law.

As you can tell, I love handmade pieces because I feel like it makes the space feel more like home!