Keeping the kids toys organized can be a challenge if they have a crazy amount of toys!  Today for the Organize Back To School Challenge, we are going to be focusing on how to minimize the amount of toys the kids have and how to label those toys.

After reading this wonderful article on Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Kids, I decided we needed to downsize on the amount of toys we have.  I really like the idea that quality over quantity is where our focus needs to be with toys. (I do not feel the same about books or art materials, as I think it is so important to have a plethora of books and materials for young children to read and create.  I shared some ways to organize books here!)

One way we have found to encourage others to buy quality gifts for birthdays was suggested by a mom in my sons class.  Every family was assigned one child to buy a gift for and spent a specific amount of money on said gift.  The birthday child gets one big present for the entire class, instead of a whole bunch of small gifts.  This makes the present much more meaningful and is providing the child is a quality gift from his classmates.

So really take some time to go through your toys with your kids today.  If there are toys they no longer play with, then donate them.  If they seem oddly attached to a toy that they haven’t played with in a while, get to the root of that attachment.  Was it a present that their grandma bought them?  Would a substitute fill that space, such as a picture of the child with grandma?  Try to teach your child to loose that emotional attachment to most toys so they can see when it’s time to pass that toy along to another child who could benefit from its use.

Now that we’ve gotten minimal with the kids toys, it’s time to get them organized.  Start by designating a specific space for the toys.  Within that space, find bins to hold the toys.  Create labels so the kids can put their toys away and find them easily.

Organizing and Labeling Kids Toys - LabelsImage Via Name Bubbles

Some of my favorite ways to label include:

So there are some of my tips for organizing toys for kids!  By keeping toys that serve quality over quantity and labeling the remaining toys using some fantastic labels, your kids toys should be organized in no time!  And stay connected by subscribing to get emails directly to your inbox by adding your email to my newsletter!  You can write your email in the box on the top right corner under Follow Me.  I promise never to give your emails to markets or anyone annoying!

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