Today is all about organizing the closets!  Get excited to dig into those closets and get them organized for the school year!  In case you missed it, we are slowly organizing our way back into the school year.  By completing small tasks daily, we are making the transition to school that much smoother!

My kiddos closets are kind of annoying, so we are using them as storage.  My son’s closet has shelves already built-in, so we are using those to store some of his toys, but it is really just wasted space.  My daughter’s closet was recently turned into a play space/book nook.  It has been really handy and she loves playing in that space, so I don’t want to convert it back into a closet just yet.  She does have one side of her closet that we are using as storage.  But I put all of her clothes in her drawers, which allows her to be more independent when selecting clothes in the mornings!

Organizing Closets - Closet Cozy Corner

This year I am going to try to have my son pick out his clothes the night before.  I am going to get a bin for him to store his clothes and keep that in the closet.  I am hoping this will reduce any unnecessary drama in the morning regarding what to wear.  I printed off some decals to stick on the bins.  Fingers crossed this will work!

I am also planning on going through anything that we have stored in the closet and looking to see if we will use it or if we should donate it.  If I am donating it, I will just add that to the pile in our donation box that I am storing in the garage until the end of the month.  This will make it easier to donate everything in one trip to the local donation center.

Organizing Closets

Organizing Closets

Now, I have helped some clients get their kiddos closets organized, and the biggest thing you must remember is to make it accessible for the kids.  If they can’t reach the hangers, how are they suppose to pick out what they want to wear?  Add a low bar or drawers within the closet to allow independence for a smooth morning!

So how is the challenge going for you?  Don’t forget to check out my closets Pinterest board for lots of fantastic closet organization inspiration!  And follow along via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures!  Use the #organizeback2school to tag your progress!