It’s 4:30 and the kids are getting hangry… what do you typically do??  Hide in the closet with your bottle of wine??  Lock the bathroom door and hope they don’t claw through??  Let them snack so you can prep dinner they won’t eat??

I might be guilty of all three of those at one point in time as I have let the my organizing family meal plans routine slide this past month.

I was doing so well with planning out our meals for the week, doing a major grocery run, prepping all the food, and actually taking the time to cook it throughout the week.

But the weather got nicer and I don’t want to be inside prepping food… I want to be outside in the sun!

So what are you suppose to do when you are getting lazy with your meal planning??  Set up meals delivered directly to your home with local, fresh ingredients from Home Chef!

Organizing Family Meal Plans with Home Chef

I partnered with this amazing local Chicago company to share ways for organizing family meal plans, AND (because I love you readers so much) Home Chef is doing $30.00 off your first order!!  Just use the code ORGANIZED at checkout or use this link and it will automatically take it off the total for you!!

organizing family meal plans with home chef ingredients

So how does this work, you may be asking yourself… Well, just go to the Home Chef website and type in your email. It will take you to a page where you can sign up for weekly meal deliveries with your specific food preferences!  This was a huge problem for me, as three of us have gluten allergies.  Other meal delivery services can’t guarantee all the meals would be gluten-free, but Home Chef has this built into the service!!

Then the meals are delivered to your door and you get dinners with all the supplies all ready for that witching hour!

cooking with home chef organizing family meal plans

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I am soooo not a cook.  Like following a recipe can be challenging for me… mostly because I am horrible at reading details, and think I can “wing it”.

The recipe called for an intermediate cook (which is not me), so my husband came to the rescue and put together the most delicious dinner!  There was chicken with this tomato sauce.  And skillet green beans with potatoes!

organizing family meal plans with home chef chicken meal

The entire meal took close to an hour to prep and cook, so this particular meal was not a quick weeknight meal, but, because I got the meal on Thursday, we made it for dinner on Saturday to celebrate our anniversary!

It was seriously the most delicious home-cooked meal I have had in a long time!

meals with home chef organizing family meal plans

Home Chef has tons of meals that range from beginner cook to advanced.  When organizing family meal plans, I would recommend requesting easy 30-minute meals.  You know they are going to be delicious, and all the ingredients are included (minus the pans/pots/olive oil)!

So schedule a weekly meal delivery to help when organizing family meal plans so you don’t have to run to the store to find ingredients and cook everything!  Just have the meal delivered to your door!!

clean plate club organizing family meal plans

Don’t forget you get $30 off your first order by using the code: ORGANIZED or just click this link and you will get it automatically off your total!!