Wait… next week is the last week of April?!?!?  Where has this year gone??

This past week, I tried to slow things down. Maybe it was because I felt like I was running on empty. Or maybe it was because my kiddos got a cold. Not sure, but whatever the reason, it was really nice.

Ever get like that… feel like you are running on empty??

I am hoping that with the weather getting warmer, we can play outside more! I just love being outside and playing and running and sun tanning!

So, instead of running around like crazy, the kids and I watched Moana.  Have you seen it?? I thought it was really cute!

And, with the weather being hit-or-miss this week, I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing our bathrooms.

This entire month, I am spending all my efforts in getting our four bathrooms reorganized (and one of them decorated for the One Room Challenge).

using tray to organize bathroom

I cleaned every drawer and under the sink cabinet I could find. I lined all the drawers with wrapping paper. This makes it super easy to remove once it gets gross, and doesn’t peel off the wood once removed.

The medicine cabinet needed a big clean and toss. We ended up accumulating a TON of stuff in the cabinet that we never used.

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

Finally, I waited on the knobs and wall paper for the main floor bathroom. This One Room Challenge thing is rather intense! But I wanted to get this entire bathroom done, so the challenge is pushing me to actually make decisions and finish this project that I have been dying to complete since we moved back in after the renovation in November!!

First Floor Bathroom One Room Challenge

And, I did some client work in the home office by labeling everything and color-coding desk drawers! I used clear, acrylic Magazine Holders and Sharpie Oil-Based pens to label everything.

office cabinet organization

I love the markers because you can wash them off with nail polish remover, so they aren’t permanent. But, since they don’t wipe off with water, they actually stay labeled… even with highly used items.

color coding desk drawers

What are you up to this wonderful weekend?? Share with me over on Instagram!  Just tag me (@organizedmamas)

how to organize office


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