I have been told I am awful at telling stories.

Maybe it’s because I just tell them like you were there, or because my mind remembers weird details that don’t really pertain to the story, but I share them anyway.

So here goes another one…

My son just started liking chapter books. So, as a book hoarder, I pulled out my collection of children’s beginner chapter books. Because, yes, I did sort them all into a different categories based on the books types… and they are color-coded.

So as we were sorting through through the books, I came across a bunch of old books like Sweet Valley High and Babysitters Club books. It just brought back a bunch of fun memories from my childhood.

While I am not sentimental when it comes to “stuff”, books and pictures are my weaknesses. I keep every book and picture I can find. I think it is because they actually serve a purpose. You can always read books and looking through photo albums of scrapbooks is fun and tells a story.

Sorry for my rambling, and thank you for putting up with my awful story telling!

bookshelf kids books organization

This week was super crazy. Between client work, writing, projects, and The Imperfect Boss campaign over on Instagram, I had a few things on my plate.

So, my friend Ashley hosts this thing called The Imperfect Boss. The focus was to share our strengths, since we typically focus on our flaws. You can check out all my posts over on my Instagram account!!

Quick Tips For Organizing Bathrooms

I also shared all my secrets for how to organize a bathroom… And I made another video over on The Organized Mama TV!!

Wallpaper went up in our main floor bathroom for the One Room Challenge! I am so excited to be able to see the end of this crazy project!!  But I am still struggling with what to put on one of the walls.

main floor bathroom

And I created a patterned print using cork board die cuts and Peel ‘N Stick adhesive. I am using this print in our play room because it is so colorful and cheery!

DIY hexagon print tutorial

I also got to work with my amazing clients to tidy up their homes! This week I created a pantry organization system for a dear friend who just recently moved.

how to organzie a pantry

I am loving how the space turned out!

I used Linus Large Pantry Binz and a Linus 9″ Divided Turntable. Storing snacks, pastas, and other food staples in the Linus pantry binz, I labeled them using Oil-Based Sharpie markers.

organize pantry

In the turntable, I took everything out of the boxes, and stored snacks for the family. You can gain so much space once you take everything out of the boxes and find practical storage for them!

organizing a pantry

I am looking forward to another exciting week ahead!  Hopefully the weather gets warmer and we can get out and play!!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!