This past week was incredibly relaxing for us! The kids were on spring break. We had no major plans. And I decided we were going to do a completely screen-free break. (Crazy, I know!)

So we listened to a TON of books on tape. Made a TON of art projects. And I ended up drinking a TON of wine.

But the wine was because we were super active all day.

how to quickly declutter a living room

My littles don’t nap any more, and I was horrible about “quiet time” when my son outgrew his naps. It really only happened because his room is right next to his sister’s room. And if he would get loud, he would wake her up.

So instead of quiet time, we just played.

When she outgrew her naps, there was no way I could enforce quiet time. So I didn’t.

Now, it’s a lot more effort on my part when they aren’t at school. So I had to get creative in things we could do.

But, I did get a TON of stuff done, which made me feel productive.

Toys In Bins Storage

I organized the toys in our living room. While we don’t have many, it is still nice to keep them tidy… especially when the kids are home all week with no TV time.

how to organize cleaning supplies

I cleaned out our cleaning closet. It was a total disaster. But now everything is tidy and organized. We even hung our handheld vacuum on the wall to reduce clutter on the floor.

Since there isn’t an outlet, we swapped out the light bulb for one that has an outlet ON IT!!  Seriously, this is actually a thing and it is glorious when you have a light, but no outlet!

DIY decorative labels

I got my entire office area organized with the help of Xyron and Lawn Fawn. I used these adorable Lawn Fawn stamps and paper to create labels for my crafting bins. Then, I cleaned off my entire desk and sorted all the supplies back into their drawers.

DIY decorative labels

And I was over on the Imaging blog, sharing a super easy tutorial for creating a textured dinosaur that is chilling in my son’s bedroom.

DIY Dinosaur Craft

I found the dinosaur at Target in the arts section. They had a few to choose from, but my son loved the T-Rex.

I am in the process of making my daughter one too, using pink tissue paper and pink stamps.

You’ll be able to see the pictures over on my Instagram and Facebook pages!

And… drum roll please… tomorrow is NATIONAL DIY DAY!!!

Which means I will be doing a Facebook Live at 2:00 Central time.  And not just any old Facebook Live.  I will be demonstrating how you can make paper garland!

All you need is:

I will be sharing some other ways to add more personal touches to the paper garland using some of my favorite craft supplies!

Hope to see you tomorrow for the Facebook Live demo!!