As we have been preparing for our home renovation, I have been doing some massive purging of all of our things.  I have gone through our kitchen gadgets, our clothing, my shoes, the kids’ entire bedrooms, and our entire basement.

With all of this purging of unwanted or unused items, I am finding myself feeling more free.  I am no longer burdened by unloved things taking up space in my home.  So, it was time to tackle all my jewelry, as I had started to when I was going through my purses and bags, but never actually finished.

So I have partnered with a new product that I am just in LOVE with!  It is called the Bangle Stacker.  It was invented by Kate O’Malley of Chicago, who came up with the idea out of pure need for a way to keep her bangles organized!  And I have to say, this product will totally keep you organized!  Just follow these 4 tips to organizing your jewelry, and you will be happy to see your rather colorful display of jewelry neatly organized on our dresser/closet!

4 Tips To Organizing Your Jewelry

1. Purge

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to jewelry is holding onto pieces that are out of style, broken or have missing pieces.  Go through all of your jewelry frequently to see if you are missing an earring or have a broken clasp on a necklace.

Ask yourself this question: how much would I pay for this if it were in the store?  Be totally honest with yourself, because you might not want to spend the money on that piece of jewelry if it were in the store.  I have had that happen to me, and when I actually let go of that piece of jewelry, I was able to see more of what I actually had!  Funny how those things happen.

Also, if you don’t want to pay to get it repaired, then you need to purge it.  Stop letting it take up precious space among the gorgeous jewelry that you wear!

2. Jewelry Storage

Invest in a fantastic way to store your jewelry.  You just spent time purging unloved jewelry, so now you can actually see what you have left over.  These remaining pieces of jewelry are what you want to find as a functional way to store and keep organized.

The traditional way people store their jewelry is either a jewelry box or a drawer.  If you are like me, then having your jewelry out where you can see it works better.  The biggest thing you need to do is to find a way to store your jewelry that works for you!

If you are looking for a different way to store you jewelry, finding some way to display them might be a nice way to keep yourself organized.  I like to see everything I have when I am making the decision on what I will wear.  One amazing jewelry organizer I have found is called the Bangle Stacker.  I love this product because you can neatly keep your bracelets, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry organized in a beautiful display!

Close Up Bangle Stacker

3. Color-Coded

I keep my jewelry all color-coded.  I have a specific space for necklaces.  I keep them sorted based on color so I know what I have and can find something to pair with an outfit quickly.

By keeping things color-coded, I am also able to see what colors or styles I might need to invest in.  For example, when I am shopping and find an adorable necklace, I can visualize my jewelry display and picture if I have something similar.  If I can’t visualize it, then I know I probably don’t have it!

I also color-code my earrings and bracelets. It helps me keep my jewelry organized so I can find things quickly and easily!

4. Categorizing

I always suggest to keep like-items together.  Especially when it comes to your jewelry.  You must keep all your earrings together.  This will help when you are looking for what to wear, and help you keep tabs on how many earrings you have!

By using the Bangle Stacker, you can have all your bracelets, rings, and earrings displayed together, making it easy for you to see what you have and keep yourself organized!

Organizing Jewelry

By taking the time to actually purge unwanted or unloved pieces of jewelry, then finding a way to store your jewelry, along with color-coding and categorizing, you will be able to keep yourself organized and make it easy to accessorize yourself every morning!  I always love when I can make things run smoother in the mornings, don’t you!

Check out the Bangle Stacker Facebook page for daily giveaways the week of June 6 in celebration of being featured in the June issue of Real Simple Magazine!!

Disclaimer: I was given a Bangle Stacker product to test for the purpose of this blog post.  All opinions and ideas are my own.  And I am currently using the Bangle Stacker to keep my jewelry organized and have recommended this product for clients, so you know I love it!