Legos may be the bane of my existence.  No joke… those tiny pieces are just get everywhere.

And they hurt to step on.

Like bad!

So when  client asks me for organizing Lego ideas, I always come back to my trusty and lazy approach… plastic baggies.

No joke, this is how I organized my son’s Lego sets.  The extra pieces get tossed into a container that I store under his bed.

So how do I actually go about organizing all the Lego sets? I’ll break it down.

Step 1: Grab a baggie and the Lego Set

Lego Organizing Ideas

Step 2: Open Lego Set

How To Organize Legos

Step 3: Pour Lego Set Into Baggie

Step 4 (Optional): Label or Add Box Cover

How To Store Legos

Step 5: Close and Store

Lego Storage

I store all the Lego sets in my own home in a basket similar to this one I found at Home Goods. All the directions and parts are stored in the baggie that I labeled with a Sharpie. I also taped the box cover to the baggie because my son loves to see that.

I do this with every box set we have gotten and all the Lego “stuff” is organized without some crazy system like color-coding.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the color-coding. But for us and how my son plays with his Legos, the color-coding system is soooo not maintainable.

I have tried creating some color-coding systems for clients, and, in the end, we always go back to this type of storage system.

Lego Organizing Ideas

I have used pull-out drawers to hold Lego sets, with another pull-out drawer holding the “loose” pieces. This system works well when multiple children have sets that they want to keep separate but use the “loose” parts together.

We also got a big box of just Lego pieces for the holidays. Since those are not Lego sets, I found that storing those pieces in a Creative Options project box similar to this one is perfect!

Lego Storage Under Bed

I dumped the Legos into the box. I added a vinyl label and stored the box under his bed!

Since then, we have moved around some things and he has a Lego table in his bedroom, so the Creative Options box is stored under his Lego table.

I have also gotten asked what to do when the set baggies are emptied and not put back together.

If you have a child that keeps all the Lego creations and never wants to take them apart, I would suggest creating a baggie for the manuals. Then put all the “loose” parts together so they can continue creating with all their Legos.

You can also purchase this amazing product: Lay-n’Go!

I am a huge fan of this if you have a kiddo who loves traveling with their Legos.

So now you know my Lazy Mama’s secrets with organizing Lego ideas!

How do you store your kiddos’ Legos? Share in the comments!