We were up at my parents’ house for the weekend.  With the kids, the dog, Ben, and myself taking over my parents’ house, we needed to find some organizational systems to make sure that everything had a place.  I tried to keep all the clothes for each person in the same room they were sleeping in.  I put the dog’s food in the pantry.  The diaper bag would sit in the dining room, as it was close to the garage door.  All the shoes would either be in the front hall closet or near the back door.  We tried to keep all of our technology (i.e. computers, cameras, iPads, etc.) in the bedrooms.  The toys were suppose to stay in the family room, but sometimes they made their way into the kitchen, garage, or near the front door.

As we started to unpack, I noticed that my parents’ mail cubbies located in the kitchen, were rather disorganized.  When they first remodeled their kitchen, they planned to have a mail cubbie for each family member.  One for myself, one for my brother, one for my mom, and one for my dad.  But, I never ended living at home once the kitchen was remodeled.  Then my brother moved out, so now my parents have four mail cubbies between the two of them. I decided that my parents needed some help in organizing this space, so I offered my services.  My mom was so excited that she said I should start organizing right away.

Organizing Mail Cubbies - Before Cabinet

Organizing Mail Cubbies – Before Cabinet

Step 1 – Make Piles and Throw Out Trash

I took everything out of the mail cubbies.  We started by sorting everything that was in the cubbies.  There was a pile for glasses, glass holders, paperwork, oils, cleaning supplies, chap sticks, and coffee holders.  Then, there was tons of garbage.  We threw out a lot of the garbage that hasn’t been cleaned out for a while.

Organizing Mail Cubbies - Cup Holder

Organizing Mail Cubbies – Cup Holder

Step 2 – Sort Similar Items and Use Baskets

Once we got rid of the trash, we started to sort through the goods and put them away in cute baskets.  My mom had these baskets, but you couldn’t see them all due to all the clutter.  When we removed the clutter, we were able to showcase the cute baskets that can hold all the items that my parents use daily.  By finding the baskets, we were able to sort the smaller items to be housed in the baskets.  We used two baskets to hold my mom’s reading glasses.  By using the baskets, she is able to grab a basket and find her reading glasses quickly without sorting through lots of mail cubbies to find them.

Organizing Mail Cubbies - Cabinets Oils

Organizing Mail Cubbies – Cabinets Oils

Then we sorted the essential oils into a mail cubbie, stored the coffee holders in another basket, and gave my dad his own mail cubbie.  My dad is like me, where he is incredibly OCD about his space.  When he found out that I was organizing his space, he might have freaked out a little bit.  So I had to let him reorganize his space so that it best suited his needs.

Organizing Mail Cubbies - Baskets In Cabinets

Organizing Mail Cubbies – Baskets In Cabinets

Step 3 – Keep Things Organized!

Then, when all the mail cubbies were organized, I had to teach my mom how to keep them organized.  I took out some of the items out of their correct locations, and had my mom put them back in their proper places.  I also moved some of my dad’s stuff, just to see how he would react.  He wasn’t happy, but I thought it was funny!  He reacts just like I do, getting stressed and our skin starts to crawl.  So I stop messing with his stuff, as I can sympathize with him.

Organizing Mail Cubbies - After Cabinets

Organizing Mail Cubbies – After Cabinets

My mom figured out where everything went, so she will be able to keep things organized within the mail cubbies once I leave.  Now that everything is organized, I can leave my parents’ house knowing that things are organized and tidy in the mail cubbies.  I think the mail cubbies look great and are totally functional for what my parents need.

The Organized Mama