DECEMBER 2014 UPDATE:  I added a few changes to my wrapping station this year, which came about after evaluating how useful it was during the holidays.  This was a real test to see how it held up with wrapping lots of presents.  Enjoy!

I feel like I have so much stuff that goes with wrapping gifts.  I can never seem to keep it organized because I never keep it all together.  I had my wrapping paper hanging in a garment bag in the basement closet, gift bags stored in a grocery bag in my craft room and tissue paper stored in a baggie all crumpled up in my craft room.  This system that I thought was working really wasn’t.  As I was cleaning out my basement closet, I decided that I needed to put all of my gift wrapping stuff together.

I started by grabbing an extra bin.  (This probably is a safer bet to keeping the gift bags from getting squished then my grocery bag storage solution).  I took all of my gift bags and started to fold and check the bags.  If the gift bag got crumpled, ripped or outdated, I threw it out.  Then I sorted the bags by size.  The large bags I double folded and placed in the bin.  The smaller bags will go on one side of the bin, as I have smaller gift bags.  I also placed a small box (from an Amazon delivery) in the bin to hold my wrapping paper rolls.

Taking all of my wrapping paper, I placed it in the box.  I am hoping that by placing all the gift wrapping paper in a box will hold it in place because without something holding it in place, the wrapping paper was falling all over the bin.  This did not make wrapping gifts a pleasant experience.

Organizing My Gift Wrapping Stuff

Finally, I took the nice pieces of tissue paper and folded them up.  I put the folded tissue paper in between the box and the small gift bags.

And voilà gift wrapping station is organized!  I feel that with these few updates, wrapping presents will be a little more pleasant!