You’re probably telling yourself one of these 6 organizing myths if you think you can’t have an organized home. I’ve been going into clients’ homes for 7 years now, and I hear the same mindsets over and over again. Once you debunk these myths in your head, you’ll shift your mindset and breakthrough to an organized home.

Picture of living room to represent an organized home.

Organizing Myths Keeping You From An Organized Home

  • Myth #1: “Organizing my home means it looks perfect all the time.”

Not true! Define what “organized” means to you. Understand that there is a difference between Pinterest-organized and functional-organized. You might not have all the labels or all the pretty bins, but those things might not matter to you. They’re certainly not key to having an organized home.

  • Myth #2: “There’s a gene, and I just wasn’t born with it.”

I hate this myth! Yes, some people are more organized by nature just like some people have a knack for cooking or sewing or drawing. It has nothing to do with a gene. The truth is, you either enjoy it or you don’t. Embrace that truth, be free of that weight, and move forward.

  • Myth #3: “I have a creative mind, and an organized space is stifling.”

I hear you, but this is a myth too. You can be creative and organized. There are tricks for organizing when you have a creative mind (keeping things out and visual, for example), but having an organized space won’t take away your creativity. In fact, it will enhance your creativity if you do it in the right way.

  • Myth #4: “Organizing is time-consuming.”

Organizing doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You’re choosing to make it time-consuming! Instead of tackling the whole house in one day (which WILL take you a lot of time), spend 15 minutes each day taking on one small corner at a time.

  • Myth #5: “I organized one time, but it didn’t stick. It doesn’t work for me.”

Organizing is not a one-time thing! It’s all about the maintenance. It’s always the last thing I discuss with my in-home clients: How are you going to maintain this? Make the room functional first, and then focus on maintaining the systems you put in place.

  • Myth #6: “I don’t have the right supplies to start.”

This is such a big myth! Use what you have. Just like I said in Myth #1, your organization doesn’t have to be Pinterest-ready with pretty bins and labels. You can use the Pirate Booty box your Pirate Booty comes in to organize your Pirate Booty in the pantry. You don’t need to buy anything.


"Organizing Myths Keeping You from an Organized Home" text overlaying a living room.