When it comes to organizing school papers, there are a few easy ways you can create effective systems to maintain a (semi) clutter-free paper pile! Depending on the age of your kiddos’ some of these systems they can do, and some you will need to maintain. Once you find a system that works, keep going with it!!

Easy Systems For Organizing School Papers

This post was written in collaboration with Samsill.

Filing System

One easy way to create a system for organizing school papers is to create a filing system near the kids’ drop zone. The goal is to take the papers out of the backpacks and store them in the small filing system using the Samsill Pop N Store Filing box. Keep the categories simple with only a few filing folders. Things like to be filed, keep artwork, notes.

Collect And Photograph

Another easy way to get the kids to be involved is to place a box near their drop zone. Have them empty their backpacks by tossing everything into a document boxes like this one from Samsill Pop N Store. Sort through the box daily by discarding unwanted items such as “ditto sheets” and old reminders. Photograph the artwork you want to keep. Create a file on your phone for pictures of each kiddos’ artwork. Then create a book at the end of the year with their artwork! Because it is all easily accessible on your phone, you can find it and make a book quickly and easily!

Memory Box

Finally, another system you can create to help with organizing school papers is to create a memory box. When you empty the kids’ backpacks, sift through all the items that are in there. Only keep the things that you love. Toss the rest. At the end of the year, you will have a memory box of items that are important to you. I love these cube boxes because they are the perfect size to keep things minimal, but also they are large enough to store projects that might come around!

No matter what system you go with, organizing school papers should be a breeze with any of these suggestions! So create a space where you can either have a paper dumping ground, a filing system, or a memory box system in your home. Keep this near where the kids drop their backpacks, making it easy for everyone to unload quickly. If a system isn’t working, then just tweak it to fit your family’s needs.