December…the month of reflection, festivities, families, and craziness.  There is always so much going on during this month, but I always try to reflect on the year.  What worked, what didn’t, what will I miss, what won’t I miss.  Then I make a plan for the things I want to change for the following year.  I try to write them down, as you are more likely to follow-through on your plans if they are in writing.  So as I am reflecting on this year, I think it’s nice to look back at all The Organized Mama has accomplished, and all my favorite things I shared over the past year, including my favorite organizing posts!

Last year, I did a countdown of my favorite and popular posts from the year as a way to showcase some posts, in hopes to inspire you to get organized for the following year.  I had a lot of fun looking back at the projects, crafts, and organizing that took place over the year.  So, I decided to do a “best of” this year to showcase some of my favorite and more popular posts.  Every Saturday for the month of December, I will be sharing 5 of my favorite posts from this year based on categories I write about: organizing, crafting, home decor, and the random things I have shared!

We are starting the “best of” list with my top 5 favorite organizing posts!  These posts are either my favorite projects, reader’s favorite projects, or popular projects that I shared on Pinterest.  Let’s get started with #5.

5. Tips For Keeping The Linen Closet Organized

Kids Sheets Linen Closet

When organizing linen closets, I shared my top 6 ways to effectively organize a linen closet.  Store bigger things, like sheets in bins.  Label the bins so you know what is in them.  Categorize your shelves, then store like-items together.  This makes finding things easy, along with storing things you might gain.  Finally, utilize the door space.  I shared my favorite door-organizing systems to keep smaller, frequently-used items on the inside of the door.

4. How To Turn Any Area Into A Play Area For Kids

This post is a popular Pinterest post of mine.  As most people don’t have the space for a separate play room for the kids, I share my five easy tips for creating a play space in any area of your home.  I suggest to categorize toys, then store them into bins with age-appropriate labels so the kids can find and clean up the toys independently.  Swap out toys frequently.  Store extra toys in a closet or storage room and switch toys weekly to keep the play space interesting for the kids, but limit the clutter of having all the toys out at once.  Then, keep the toys organized by cleaning up daily to help reduce clutter!

3. Helpful Office Organization Tips


I love this post because I think everyone needs some sort of home office.  It is very helpful to keep you files, tax forms, and daily to-do lists.  This post is where I shared some of my tips on how to create and keep a home office organized.  My biggest piece of advice is to designate one area as the office, then find a filing system that works for you.  The stick to that system, and tweak your process as needed.

2. Keeping Food Costs Down With A Well-Organized Pantry


Back in February, I shared how we keep our food costs down with a well-organized pantry.  I suggest categorizing your shelves based on how you eat.  We have a shelf for pastas and rice.  Another shelf for Mexican.  A shelf for baking, and a shelf for bulk items.  Then, sort like-items into bins and store on designated category shelves.  Label everything, including the shelf, for finding foods quickly, and easy storage when purchasing new items.

1 .Taming The Toys In The Living Room

My most popular post from 2015 is how to tame the toys in the living room!  Toys can be a huge pain for organizational purposes, as the kids keep getting more and more, but struggle to get rid of things they no longer play with.  This post is where I shared my suggestions for creative storage solutions, ways to categorize the toys, and how to teach the kids how to put away their toys.

So that was the list of my top 5 organizing posts from 2015!  It is always fun to look back and see everything that I have shared with you throughout the year.  I am truly grateful that you have taken the time to sit and read, share, and comment on my posts, as my goal is to inspire and teach you tips on how to get yourself organized.  Because, as Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned”, so make it a New Years Resolution to get yourself organized so you can spend more time with family and friends, and less time searching for stuff!