This past spring, I have been doing an organization overhaul on everything in our house. I’ve been needing to tackle the linen closet organization project I had planned and things have just gotten way too out-of-control.  So I needed to get my act together and get our home organized.

I can’t handle it when we purchase something that we already have but had no idea it was in the house because we couldn’t find it due to the lack of organization. I started by making a list of everything in the house that was not being utilized in the best organizational way.

Organizing The Linen Closet

After looking over the list, I decided the linen closet organization needed to be the next project to tackle. We were using the linen closet to store our linens along with extra bathroom stuff.  We would go to the store and buy things like contact solution without realizing that we had a bottle in the linen closet hiding in the back. This is when I knew I had to find a linen closet storage solution that worked and was easy.

Linen Closet Organization

Organizing the Linen Closet

Start by Clearing Everything Out of the Linen Closet

I took everything out of the linen closet.  I took all of the linens and put them in our guest bedroom.  I took all of the bathroom items and put them in the bathroom.  I wanted to make sure that I had a clear space to start planning how I was going to organize the linen closet storage space.

Organizing the Linen Closet


Organizing the Linen Closet

Clear Out Unwanted Or Unused Items

I started to organize the linens.  We had a large amount of sheets due to the fact that we upgraded from a queen bed to a king bed.  I felt horrible getting rid of all the sheets we had for the queen bed, so I just kept them.  We use the queen bed for guests, so it doesn’t get used a ton, but we still needed sheets for the bed.  The queen sheets began to take up too much space in our closet and things were starting to get lost!  And, realistically, we only needed 1-2 sets of sheets for that bed.  So I parted ways with a few sets of sheets and only kept two.

Sort Into Categories

I sorted out all like-items together.  I put all of the king sheets together, all of the queen sheets together and all of the towels together.

Store Sheets In Bins

We only have two sets of king sheets, so I took a big bin and stored the extra set of king sheets and pillow cases in there.  Then I went through all of the queen sheets and decided to keep two sets.  One to keep on the bed, and the other to have on hand, just in case.  I took a basket and put the extra set of queen sheets in there. You can make finding what is inside the bins easier by using labels like these. Finding the best way to store sheets and blankets doesn’t need to be tricky! I found that bins were great for bed sheet storage and it takes very little effort to upkeep.

Keep Frequently Used Items Accessible

Next item to conquer was the towels.  I went through our sets of towels and was able to get rid of a few towels due to them being old.  With the remaining towels, I felt I could make one row of towels with our beach towels located behind our every day towels.  Then I folded all of the baby’s towels and put them on the side of our every day towels.

Organizing the Linen Closet

I took another bin that was shallow to store the remaining items such as wash clothes and hand towels.  I felt this will help keep track of all of the smaller towels.

Don’t Forget To Utilize Door Space

Finally, I went to tackle the bathroom items.  First, I looked at all of the expiration dates on all of the vitamins.  Anything that was expired or didn’t have an expiration date was thrown out.  Any new item that I have purchased that does not have an expiration date I decided to write with a permanent marker the date that it was purchased.

Then I grouped all like items together such as eye care, baby items, toiletries, etc.  I put all of the smaller items on the shelves on the door of the linen closet.

Organizing the Linen Closet

The remaining items I put into bins to store on the bottom two shelves of the closet.  I used another bin to make a first aid kit.

Last thing I need to do is label all of the bins and my linen closet organization make-over is complete!

Organizing the Linen Closet

By clearing out the space, getting rid of unwanted or unused items, sorting by category, and storing sheets in bins, you will be able to keep your linen closet organized AND easily accessible.  Don’t forget to store sheets in bins so you don’t have to worry about folding them, and using the door to store smaller items!  This will help you reduce spending on items you already have hidden in your linen closet!  So get started by clearing the space and start sorting!