Back in December I shared how I got our office and craft room organized and decorated.  Well, I wanted to share an update of the space!  Just to refresh your memory, my workspace/desk was constructed by us!  We took a flat paneled slab door and two Kallax shelving units from IKEA.  Ben secured the door slab to the shelving unit by drilling screws the shelving unit into the door slab.  He measured the door slab and top of the Kallax unit and found screws that would work.  I didn’t want the screws to come out the top of the workspace, so he made sure that the screws were shorter than the entire height of the Kallax and door.  Then, I found this fantastic chair from Pottery Barn Teen to go with the black and white decor I was trying to go with.  I decided not to put the arm rests on the chair because I like to have open space while I work.  I kept them in our attic in case I want it one day!

The craft room is located right off of the garage, making it is our mud room.  It is a big room, so we made it Ben’s office as well.  The space serves many purposes, so we have to make sure it is functional, while keeping it pretty!  I shared how I organized our mud room a few days ago, so check it out to see how I got it organized!  Ben’s office space is strictly his area.  I try not to get in the way of how he organizes things, so I really try my hardest to not touch that area.  Only when things start to flow into my space will I organize his desk for him, or if he asks me to help him organize, I know I have full reign of the organizational plan of his desk!

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Mudroom

So, back to the craft room… Some things have changed for the better, while other spaces have remained the same.  I have yet to get black and white strip curtains like I wanted, but I just haven’t found fabric I like, and I decided to use some of that space for hooks to hold projects I am working on that need to be hung.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Desk

Lots of things are working really well in this space.  For starters, all of the magazine holders have been such an easy way to keep some of my paper products organized.  I store my Post-It notes, all my blog stuff, and kid stuff in the magazine holders, making it quick to file or find things.  I love the baskets that are being used to store my craft supplies.  They provide such an elegant and clean space, that I really feel like I can be creative because it’s not too busy with lots of bright colors and designs.  The giant, plastic file folder bin that I am using to store my paper is really nice.  I love that I can pull the entire bin out from underneath the desk to find paper I need and can hide it away when I don’t need to use the paper anymore.

But some things were not working for me, such as the area I used for the kids’ art supplies.  The kids started to think that the entire ladder shelving unit was for them, so they started to play with my supplies.  It got really frustrating trying to explain to toddlers that they can play with things on the bottom shelf but nothing else.  I really needed to get something that was very clear would be for their supplies!

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Kids Craft Cart

I had a colorful double-storage craft cart that I originally bought for my classroom, and was currently using to store some of my craft supplies under my work table.  This cart would be the perfect space to store the kiddos’ art supplies because it is colorful, easy to open and close, and I can pull out a drawer to bring around the house with the supplies instead of having to carry the supplies without a case.

I cleared out all of my craft supplies from the craft cart and started to sort the kids stuff into the cart.  Everything fit in the drawers perfectly!  I decided to keep the Play-Doh in a bin with a lid because we have a lot of supplies for Play-Doh.  I also kept the pom-pom containers above the craft cart because they didn’t fit in the drawers and were easy to access for the kiddos.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Crayons

Now, all of my craft supplies needed a place to be stored!  Looking at some of the supplies, I knew I could either get rid of, or donate to my son’s preschool classroom.  I started to sort through the items to find what I would actually keep, and what could be donated.

Once everything was sorted, I had another six-drawer cart that was just sitting in the basement.  I sorted my craft supplies to fit into the six drawers.  Not all of my items fit into the drawers, so I had clear bins that I could use for some of the craft supplies that shouldn’t really be kept in a drawer, due to having two toddlers around.  I put my staple gun and staples into a bin with a lock-lid.  I put my hot glue gun and glue sticks in another bin.  I have my sewing supplies in another lock-lid bin with purple handles!

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Under Desk

The items in my seagrass baskets stayed pretty much the same.  The baskets on the top of my studio wall shelf remain decorative supplies for my craft projects, such as buttons, cut-outs and foam letters.  I have a basket for my projects I am currently working on.  I did add another basket for all of my spools of ribbon and yarn.  I moved my stickers to a bin on the wall shelf as well.  I kept my ribbon in a basket, with the ribbons not on spools, wrapped and held together with clothes pins.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Stationary and Ribbon

I did add some boxes to store some of my other items that needed a lid.  One box is holding my glue and small paint supplies.  I turned another box on it’s side to create a shelf to store my whole punches and small paper cutter.  This is very helpful so that I can find my paper cutters quickly.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Box With Hole Punchers

Using my small acrylic tray, I decided to store my fabric swatches and container that holds my paper cut-outs for my paper garland I sell at my Etsy shop!  This makes it easy to pull the small tray over to my workspace when I am working on an order.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Fabric

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Sewing Machine

I decided to move my Washi tape and other office supplies to the desk on my acrylic tray.  This makes it easy to pick up and move if I have a sewing project to do, or just need more space on my desk.  I decided to keep some colorful pens and colored pencils in mason jars.  I also like to keep Post-It notes next to my desk in case an idea pops into my head!  It also makes it easy to grab it while I am making appointments or working with clients.  I also keep my daily planner and blog editorial calendar on my desk to keep me on track and accountable for the day.  I like having everything out in front of me so I can quickly see what I need to do, along with everything I have accomplished for the day and week!

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Tray

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Tray Paperclips

There are some days where I have to work while the kids are awake, so having the kids’ art supplies close by can come in really handy.  They can craft and play independent games while I work on the computer.  Keeping the rug cozy, let’s them have the space to play and I can still feel comfortable with them rolling around on the tile floor because it’s covered by a cozy rug!  It’s also nice that the door to the basement located really close to my workspace, so if the kids want to play in the basement, they have the space but I can still hear them.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Kids On Floor

My favorite wall in the craft room is the kids’ art wall.  I made this wall a clipboard wall last year, in hopes to keep the family organized.  This wall has changed drastically because now it is our art wall!  I still keep the calendar by the door so we can see what we have going on for the week or month, but all of the clipboards are being taken over by the kids artwork.  I love that when you walk into the house, you see the kids art, which makes the space so cheery!  And the kids love that their art is displayed in an area where I hope to inspire their artistic abilities.

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Clipboard Wall

We also painted the garage door using chalkboard paint.  This is really helpful when we quickly have to write a note to one another.  I use a combination of chalkboard markers, which I use for things that will stay on the door for a while, and white chalk for quick notes, like grocery reminders!

Organizing The Office And Craft Room - Craft Desk

There you have it…our nice, organized and inspiring craft room, mud room and office space.  I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my workspace and how I organized everything to maintain a functional space for the entire family.

The Organized Mama