It’s day 19 of the Organize Back To School Challenge!  We are so close to getting things organized before school starts.  By completing small tasks every day, we will get the family ready for back to school!  Yesterday, we talked about ways to organize the kids books.  Since we have so many books all over the house, that was a big project to get them all organized and to change-up where some of the books were.  We brought books downstairs from the bedrooms and moved books from the play room up to the kids bedrooms!

Today we are focusing on toys around the house.  I have gotten a lot of requests for more ways to organize the kids toys, so I’m rounding up some of my favorites today to share with you!

Organizing Toys Around The House

Organizing Toys Around The House

I wrote about Taming The Toys In The Living Room a few months ago, and still find that it is an incredibly useful article, as I discussed a few ways to get the toys organized.  I shared some suggestions for storage, categorizing, and teaching kids how to organize their toys.

Organizing Toys Around The House - Bedroom Toy Bin

Another bunch of tips I shared was How To Turn Any Space Into A Play Space.  The easiest way to create a play space in your home is to have easily accessible bins, change out the toys, labels, and keeping things organized by cleaning up at the end of the day.

Organizing Toys Around The House - Artwork

Storing Children’s Artwork is another useful article I wrote to keep the kids projects nice and organized.  I suggested creating a clipboard wall, fridge decor, hanging artwork up with clothespins, or using artwork frames that you can change out the pictures easily.

So there are some of my favorite posts about toy organization!  Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for more pictures and tips!  And share your progress using the #organizeback2school!

The Organized Mama