I have a secret for you… I love labels!!

Wait, you already knew that??  I am shocked because I never share how I create labels for everything in my house and all my client’s homes!

And everyone in my family makes fun of the fact that our entire garage is completely labeled, including the hooks.

Yup, I love labels.

And one of my favorite machines to make labels with is my Xyron Creative Station because I can make stickers, laminate, and magnets all with this one machine!

I bring this machine with me when I go to clients’ houses so I can create labels on the spot. This helps my clients keep their house organized, without waiting for me to make the labels.

pantry labels tutorial with free printables

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materials pantry label tutorial


1. Print out the FREE Printable: snack labels the organized mama on cardstock.

pantry label tutorial xyron creative station lite

2. Run the cut out tag printable through the Xyron Creative Station Lite with laminate refill.

3. Cut out each tag and hole punch the tag.

snacks pantry label tutorial free printable

4. Add round binder clips and attach to drawers, bins, or baskets!

5. Group like items together and add the labels to keep things organized.  And don’t forget to check expiration dates too!

snacks pantry labels basket

This is probably the easiest tutorials I have written, which is why I love it so much! It really doesn’t take me long to create labels using the Xyron Creative Station.

I would start by organizing your pantry then make the labels. This will help keep things organized for you and your family!

Close up snacks pantry label tutorial

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