This week, I am starting off a new series on organizing play rooms.  I have gotten a lot of questions about how to best organize a play room, and my answer is always the same…It all depends on your space and what works for your family!  You have to look at how you use your play room, how you clean up after you play and how your kids play with the toys.  For example, my kids love playing with Legos, Little People and trains on the train table.  I need bins to hold all of those items so that if one item (like Legos) is up on the train table, the rest of the toys, including the train parts, can be stored in a bin so we aren’t stepping on train parts as we play with Legos.  Throughout the series, I’m going to be sharing with you how I have helped some clients organize their play rooms, in hopes that you can find some ideas to inspire you to get your play room organized!

Play Room Organization - Books On Shelf

We are kicking off the series by showcasing a basement play room.  My client has a fantastic space for the kiddos to play and created an organizational system to keep things tidy in the basement.  Her dilemma was the organizational system she created wasn’t as practical as she had hoped for.

Play Room Organization - Basement Before

She found adorable bins at Home Goods to store items, but on the bins were cars and trucks.  When cleaning up the toys, it was difficult to figure out what toys went where, and as her toddler is getting older, she wanted something that would promote independence for him to clean up after himself.  She also has a fantastic book shelf, but the shelving wasn’t being utilized as best it could.

Play Room Organization - Before Shelves

After she shared with me her dilemma, we started to sort through the bins of toys she has in the basement.  By collecting all of the toys we were able to assess what types of toys she had in the basement.  Her son loves cars and trucks, so she had a lot of cars and trucks.  The bins she purchased from Home Goods with the cars and trucks on them would make a perfect space to store all of the toy cars and trucks.  She also had play food, toy construction gear, stuffed animals, and train tracks.

Play Room Organization - Organizing Bins

As we continued to sort through toys, we started to discuss other options for toy storage.  Since my client is expecting her second baby, she will need to keep some baby toys in the basement so she can entertain two kiddos at once!  As we began talking about what she would like to do, she decided to purchase an IKEA Kallax shelving unit for an area in the basement.  This unit would be turned to its side, similar to what I did in our play room.



My client and her family were going to go purchase the shelving unit from IKEA, and set it up.  Let’s face it, if your marriage can handle a trip to IKEA and setting up the furniture, then you know you can get through anything together!  I know that whenever we go to IKEA, we have to have a plan before hand in order to make it out of there alive!  If I start browsing around, I will want to buy everything, so I need a plan and to stick to that plan.

While they are getting the shelves, bins and setting up the unit, I thought I would look for some inspiration to give the space a fun twist.  My client use to be a librarian, so I thought it would be fun if we gave the play room an old library feel to it!  I’ve started a vision board to help us create a super cute and fun play room in her basement that the whole family will love!  I am thinking that we will do the labels as old library book check out tags.  We can use the manilla envelopes to hold the tags, making it easy for her to change out what goes in the bins as the kids get older.


I can’t wait to finish creating a wonderful play space for this fantastic family!  Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the basement play room.  And if you are interested in having your play room be featured on The Organized Mama, please contact me at with the subject being Play Room.




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