Anyone else feel like their bathrooms just accumulate products? Can’t seem to find what you are looking for?

Have no fear because I am sharing some of my quick tips for how to organize your bathroom over on The Organized Mama TV!

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how to organize your bathroom

Clear Clutter On Counters

I have a lot of organizing tips but my number one suggestion is to remove all extra clutter from the counters. Whatever is left should go on a tray.

My reasoning is that it keeps all the extra stuff contained and looks tidy and when you are trying to organize your bathroom this is an easy win.

The one I love is from The Container Store called White Square Lacquered Serving Tray.

how to organize your bathroom

Grab my Decluttering Like A Pro Checklist! 

How to Organize Bathroom Drawers

Have you ever tried to organize bathroom drawers for them to only turn up messy a week later? For drawers I like to start by using drawer liners or wrapping paper to keep the drawers protected from gunk and goo that comes from bathroom products! Then I add small baskets that will keep everything in place like you see above.

For all my tips on organizing drawers, check out this post: Easy Ways To Organize Bathrooms.

how to organize your bathroom

How to Organize Under Sink Areas

I love using different products to hold different things under our bathroom sinks.

But, no matter what I do, I always label them!! That way I know exactly what I keep in that bin, and where I can find it!

I used the Room Essentials weave bins to hold the hair products, and clear shoe boxes to hold other products.

For more tips on how to organize under the sink, read this post: Master Bathroom Weekend Project.

how to organize your bathroom

How to Organize Medicine Cabinets

I never recommend storing medicine in a medicine cabinet because of the heat from the shower/bath! Instead, store them in the linen closet or kitchen. Not only does this help protect the potency of the medications, it is also easier to access.

For all my medicine cabinet organizing tips, check out 8 Tips for Organizing A Medicine Cabinet!

how to organize your bathroom

Organizing the Bath and Shower

We don’t keep a lot of bath toys. I get really grossed out with the idea of mold hanging around in them. So, instead of bath toys, we bring in the play pots and pans and cups to use as toys in the tub. When bath time is done, I lay out a towel to let them dry out.

There are a few ways you can easily store bath and shower products. The easiest way is to get a bath caddy that goes across the tub. When you are figuring out how to organize your bathroom for your family needs this is a place most people don’t think of. Don’t forget the bath & shower!

How to Organize Towels

We just use hooks on the back of the door store bath towels. Each person who uses the bathroom gets their own hook.

how to organize your bathroom

So those are all quick tips for how to organize your bathroom! What are your bathroom organization ideas?

And for even more bathroom fun, follow along as I am on the final stretch for the One Room Challenge to complete our main floor bathroom in less than 2 weeks!!  I cannot wait to be finished with this space and show you how easy it was to transform once I actually got the products I needed!!  (Long story short, I ordered a bunch of things but they took longer to get to me than I anticipated).