After our kitchen renovation, we just wanted our house back.  So, instead of slowly unpacking all the boxes, we opted for a different approach.  We went with the “empty all the boxes as quickly as you can because it’s garbage night and we don’t want to be living out of boxes anymore” approach.

Let me just tell you this is the least effective way to unpack.  At least all the boxes were in the right rooms, so all our stuff was put away in the correct location.  But nothing was organized.

how to quickly declutter a living room

I spend the entire month of January getting our kitchen organized.  Then, I spend all last month on the kids’ bedrooms.

This entire month, my focus has been to declutter the living room and basement.

By taking an entire month to declutter, organize, and decorate a room, I feel like I am actually making decisions that are not only functional, but riding myself of excess clutter we have accumulated in our home.

  How To Quickly Declutter Your Living Room

To start any organizing project, you must first empty EVERYTHING!  Then, throw it all away… just kidding!!  Once everything is empty, you get to start putting things back.  Sort things and put them away where you want them to go.  That is the key to quickly decluttering your living room!  Then, sit back and enjoy.

how to organize cookbooks


Everything is in a pile on the floor and you are feeling overwhelmed.  How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?  Where do you start?

My advice is to just pick something up.  Anything.  And ask yourself if you love this thing or find it useful.

If you answer no to either question, why are you keeping it??

We have a tendency to keep things we don’t love because we already spent money on them.  Well, there is a lot of research out there that says that kind of mentality is making us sick!

So let’s get the “stuff” out of our homes and keep things that are meaningful instead!

how to organize cookbooks and magazines


You just made some tough decisions.  But you still have a pile of “stuff” that needs a home.  What should you do??

Start by sorting all like-items together.  This will help you when it comes time to put things away.

One way to make this entire process go quickly, is to group and put away at the same time!

how to quickly declutter a living room

Put Away

As you group, start putting those items away.  Give them a “home”.

In our living room, I keep all the glass vases in cabinets.  Since I decided to keep them there, I quickly pulled all the vases and stored them in the cabinet.  This helped make my declutter go quickly!

If you are a book lover, make sure you showcase all those beauties!  Put the spines out and use them as a feature in your home.

Too much stuff on your mantel?  Try keeping it simple with your favorite pieces.

And when in doubt, add some pictures!   It always makes the home feel more cozy.

how to quickly declutter a living room

Now it is your turn to quickly declutter your living room by emptying the entire space.  Then, decide on what you want to keep and what needs to go.  Quickly sort and put like-items away together.  This way you can find them since they are all together!

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