I love art and crafts and making things. It’s like in my bones or something! So I have always tried to give my kiddos the opportunities to explore and create as much as they like.

So this past month we decided to get each kiddo their own desk for the office/craft room/mudroom room in our home. Yes, it is the epitome of multi-functional!!

And in giving each kiddo their own desk (instead of having to share a table), I found myself trying to quickly organize kids art supplies.

As I was throwing organizing their things in bins, I realized that I was doing 3 things that have helped keep art supplies organized over the years.

How To Quickly Organize Kids Art Supplies

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Basic Categories

I always start any organizing project by taking everything out of all the bins/shelves/etc. and sort them into categories. This is the easiest way to see everything you have. Then you can group like items together, such as coloring supplies.

When I first set up the art room, I created general categories and haven’t had to tweak them since. I have had to add a few as our art interests have grown.

I recommend looking at everything you have for the kiddos. Then make some basic categories, like paper, stickers, coloring supplies, etc. These categories will help keep everyone organized as the kids interests change or your supplies grown!

Art Supply Organization For Kids

Easy-To-Use Organizers

There are a few organizers that I love when I organize kids art supplies.

One of my favorites is the colorful organizing cart I found at Costco.  I used this when I was teaching, and it is one of those things that you are just happy to have as it stores a lot of stuff. And the kids can access it all without any help. Which, for me, is super important. If my kiddos want to color, I want them to be able to grab crayons and get to work rather than have to rely on me to get it for them.

Another favorite art supply organizer are the Creative Options project boxes I found at Costco as well! I used them for a while in our art room, but as our needs grew, so did our storage system.

I love using turntables on desks for writing supplies like pencils. The kids can see everything and use them to draw or write.

Art Supply Organization Play Doh

Erasable Labels

Finally, I have found that erasable labels are the only way to go when it comes to storing art supplies. As supplies grow, it is easy to swap out one drawer for another category. For example, we started off with a small bin of Play-Doh. As the kids started to play with it more, our collection of supplies and the Doh grew. Now we have 3 bins full of Play-Doh supplies. I just erased the labels to make room for the new stuff. I also got rid of a lot of things the kids weren’t using, like coloring books.

My absolute favorite labels are from Name Bubbles. Well, all labels they make are incredible, but the ones I am totally loving right now are the gold write-on labels. Because, who doesn’t love gold?!?!

Organizing Art Supplies For Kids

So now it’s your turn to organize kids art supplies using my 3 tips for helping you keep them organized! Start by making basic categories. Store the art supplies in easy-to-access bins/drawers. Then use erasable labels to label each of the bins/drawers with what is in it.

Share your before and after pictures by tagging me on Instagram (@organizedmamas)! I love seeing all your hard work!!

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