Finally, the weather is getting warm enough for the beach!  But with beach trips comes lots and lots of sand.  And more sand. This week’s reader request is all about ways to store and carry your beach toys so you don’t bring too much sand back into your car and home after a fun day. Hopefully these easy tips will keep you organized so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about potential mess. So let’s talk beach toy storage!

1. Laundry Basket or Milk Crate

Beach Toy Storage - Milk Crate Storage

Beach Toy Storage – Milk Crate Storage

One of my favorite ways to store and tote all of our beach toys is to put them in a milk crate that I purchased from The Container Store (these are the same milk crates I purchased for organizing our backyard toys).  This is an easy way to haul the toys to and from the beach without bringing a lot of sand back with you! Laundry baskets are nice because you can put all the toys, towels, food, etc. into the laundry basket for easier portability from the car to the sand.

2. Mesh Bins

Beach Toy Storage - Mesh Pool Storage Bins
If you’d rather not lug around a laundry basket full of beach toys, then these mesh pool storage bins are a great alternative!  The small mesh pool bin is fantastic for wheeling down to the beach.  And with its open mesh bottom, sand and water won’t stay on toys for long as it can all fall through the mesh (in the parking lot hopefully).  Just attach a rope to one end to make it easy for pulling around the pavement and the beach.

3. Open Bags

Beach Toy Storage - Open Beach Bag

I love these beach bags from Amazon  The colors are super cute, and the bag is really big.  These bags can hold a ton of beach toys and towels.  And by keeping all of your beach bags open, you are less likely to bring home extra sand!

4. Special Beach Blankets

Beach Toy Storage - Beach BlanketAnother alternative is to use your beach blanket as a way to carry toys to and from the beach.  These outdoor blankets from JJ Cole fold up so you can store some beach toys in the blanket. It makes for an easy way to carry toys and a blanket all at once!

5. Labels

Finally, labeling all of your toys and towels can help for easy clean-up as you are ready to leave the beach. I use a Sharpie to write our name on toys and items we don’t want to lose.

Well, there you have it, all of the ideas for storing your toys as you play at the beach!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to endorse any of the products mentioned in this post.  I just really like all the products I suggested based on client review or my own personal use.